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Themes in Exodus by Julie Bertanga :: essays research papers

Exodus, Julie Bertanga, is a sweet that is cook in the future. Throughout the book many bases ar discovered. The novel delves into the deportment of a fifteen year old girl, c totallyed mara. It is an adventurous fantasy story, that is more or less aligning yourself and who you be.In this essay, I will be discussing the theme of swap and responsibility, and how it is affects the character.Change is nonpareil of the biggest themes in this novel. It entwines with all other themes at whatsoever stage or another. It begins write at the start of the book and ends with the novel. I believe the author made change a part of this novel because change is a part of everyones life. Without change life cannot hand and grow. People can become stuck if they do not experience plenty change in early life. Sometimes the changes are small, and sometimes the changes are huge. A good example is Mara becoming an older sister. That is a small change. The big change was when her family was gone , and she had to venture out to the world nameless by herself. One of the changes in this book is noofood.Mara looks at her menage of bright and beautiful noofood. Yuk. All around her in the caf, people are happily tucking in to exotic looking platefuls of the stuff, but it turns Maras stomach. The aroma of real food haunts her.This shows the difficulty of getting used to smart things, and how it is human nature to stick with what we know. Mara has difficulty eating noofood because she has undergo the wonderful taste of real food. Change is a requisite in this book, as Global Warming is threatening to kill all life from The Wing. This is where Mara comes in. It is her job and responsibility to go and fancy a new place to live, to start life again.This brings me to the theme of responsibility. state is a key part of life. Learning how and when to be responsible is one of the hardest things a person has to do. Although I believe it is a minor theme in this book, it still has a huge affect on Maras actions. Mara is the one who holds the responsibility in this novel. It is her task to occur new land, a new room of life, a new way to survive. As the wing is rapidly disappearing because of the rising waters, they have to find a new place to settle.

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