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The Rising of the Characters in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Ernest Heming looks fable entitled The Sun also Rises is a written report of different men from different backgrounds. The main character or protagonist in the story is Jake Barnes. Along with him in his journey were Robert Cohn whom to be his closest friend, Lady Brett Ashley whom to be the love of his life, microphone Campbell whom to be Bretts fianc, and touchstone Gorton whom to be the some other friend of the group. The story started in a biographical description of Jake on his friend Robert Cohn. He called him Cohn season he narrates his story, their story.Jake is a serviceman contend I veteran whom soon becomes a journalist epoch Cohn is a rich Jewish writer. Cohn asked Jake to go with him to the South America besides Jake refuses to go with him. When they went to a disco club, they saw Brett. Jake reminisce the memory when he and Brett met during the World War I. It was actually a ample time for them to have their blood but Brett refuses to make up with him becaus e she learned that because of Jakes wound, he is already impotents and she could did non want to sacrifice her sexual urge just for Jake.Soon, Brett and Mike met that made Brett fall in love with him. Brett became Mikes fianc and would care to go to Spain to spend their moment together and watch the fiesta. They met Jake, Cohn, and Bill during their trip. During the journey, they could non able to find each other so they went to Spain in pairs Jake and Bill as a pair, while Mike, Brett, and Cohn as the other pair. They had a great time during the first wickedness but its been Brett who has the greatest night because she had the opportunity to know Pedro Romero, a handsome but young bullfighter.Brett opinionated to go with Romero but soon went back to Mike and said that she does not want to ruin Romeros life and career. The story ends when Brett asked Jake to accompany her to Mike. Brett existentizes that Jake is a good companion during their journey together. Jake and Cohn hav e many similarities and differences throughout the upstanding allegory. Even if they have different backgrounds, they are similar in the way on how they treat a woman and how they think about the big perspective of human life.Because in the runner of the new, Jake illustrated the biography of Cohn, he had give tongue to all his strengths and weaknesses that made the readers understood the personality of Cohn in the beginning of the novel while Jakes character emerged and evolved into a larger scale as the novel went through. Jake described Cohn depending on how he perceived Cohns personal identity whether on his career, personal life, or love life. He was more(prenominal) intent about America than ever, and he was not so plain, and he was not so nice, (Hemingway 16).Even if Cohn was not a state of warfare veteran, both of them have simple dreams and per4spectives in life. It was seen on their journey in Spain and the way they treated women especially Brett. Even if Cohn d id not acknowledge his feelings right through Jakes in the raw emotions, he knew that he likes Brett, next to Francesca. Because they both like Brett, they wanted Brett to be happy even if the cause is strange to both of them. However, Jake is more frolic than Cohn. Cohn does not show his feelings so much while Jake is open to his feelings or emotions in different people.The difference between Cohn and Jake a gradient from the fact that Jake went to the war while Cohn did not is that Jake is more open to reality while Cohn was not that broad when it comes to the real situations. Another thing is that Jake is a journalist while Cohn is a writer. It means that Jake is more on the actual or real revelation of the reality while Cohn is more on the fictitious champion of the world. The publisher has praised his novel pretty highly and it rather went to his head.Then several women had pose themselves out to be nice to him, and his horizons had all shifted, (16). Cohn lived in a ficti onal life with all the praises and acknowledgement of the people behind him while Jake lived in a realm where there is battle, fear, hatred, and sufferings that he needs to overcome while he is living. Their differences evolved into a wider scenario as the novel went on. However, in the beginning of the novel showed their big differences as Jake did not want to go where Cohn wants and vice versa.Cohn wants more on the historical side while Jake wants on the cultural side of the country they want to go. So there you were. I was sorry for him, but it was not a thing you could do anything about because right forth you ran up against the two stubbornness South America could fix it and he did not like Paris, (20). However, the thing is that Jake is more convicted with what he says rather than Cohn. When Jake wants something, he pursued it even if there are things that might be interrupted. Nevertheless, he worked on it to avoid circumstances that Cohn could not obtain.This is what Jake learned in the war that Cohn did not learned while having his rich life and popularity as a writer. As a substantial, both Jake and Cohn showed their contrasting and similar personalities throughout the whole novel. All the other characters helped them obtain their characterization and realization in the beginning and end of the story that mould them to become significant protagonists in the novel. The author showed balance information on how to perceive the characters in different angles and concepts that would not overlap Jake and Cohns establishment of characterization.

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