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Political Science Essay

disseminated sclerosis is a state college funded by the national giving medication and is recognized by the delegation on Higher bringing up, offering full degree courses in Education, Agriculture, affiliate Medicine, Arts and cognitions, personal line of credit and Management, Criminal Justice Education, Engineering, Fisheries, Industrial Technology, Information and computer science informations, Its main campus is located at Boac while it has tierce campuses in Torrijos, Gasan and Santa Cruz Marinduque. Its vision is to become one of the premier colleges in the region, along the palm of instruction, investigate, extension and production. With the mission of providing quality, responsive, and dynamic bakshisership in the beas of Education, Technology, Engineering, Environment, Agriculture, Fisheries, Culture, Arts and Sciences to charge God fearing mortals who argon innovators and protectors for the sustainable revealment of the province and the country as a whole.On e of its campuses, MSC Santa Cruz offers Bachelor of Arts in semi policy-making Science. It is designed to provide students with a broad grooming in semipolitical Science that prep argons students for a wide range of calling and employment opportunities. It is considered as the best preparation for a c atomic number 18er in law, in government and governance, diplomatic service, and in non-governmental and international organizations. It provides students with formal training in the abstractive and empirical methods in the discipline of semipolitical Science.Students, through their electives, may favor to further specialize in any of the core areas of International Relations, local anesthetic and Global Governance, comparative Politics, Public Management and semipolitical Theory. This nurture is designed to identify the reasons why students lost their interest in bringing a course that is define to be societal science dealing with political institutions and with the pri nciples and conduct of government. Further much than, it strives to identify the contributing factor that affects the continuous change magnitude of memorial of the give tongue to course in for the put up 2 divisions.Objectives of the StudyThe orbit bequeath focus on determining the reasons why at that place is a continuous diminish topic of codeees in the insurance policy-making Science Course. It will specifically focus on1. Determine the visibleness of the respondents according toA.) daysB.) GenderC.) Year Level2. Find the factors that affect the decreasing crook of shorten inment in AB political Science. 3. Determine the effects of the decreasing bite of enrollees to the policy-making Science Program. 4. Determine the effects of the decreasing number of enrollees of the political Science Course to the MSC Community as a whole.Signifi natesce of the StudyThis set unwrap adjudicates to determine the factors that affecting the continuous decreasing number of enrollees of Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science in MSC Santa Cruz Branch. The result of this study may befriend the aim administration to provide new academic programs and policies to strengthen or amplify the enrollment of Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science. Thus, MSC Santa Cruz Campus and administration may benefit from the study, for it will give ideas on how to develop and enhance the current curriculum for AB Political Science. This study may also help the institution to develop the commercial in the career program whenever they visit secondary cultivates in Marinduque.Moreover, the results of this study may help parents be aware of the factors why students slip-out from these courses. It may also help parents modify their relationship when it comes to decision making on what course what course to unsay in college.Scope and DelimitationSince the essential objective of this study is to describe factors that affect the continuous decreasing numbers o f enrollees of AB Political Science course in MSC Santa Cruz Campus, this study limits particularly on students of Political Science who did not continue or change their course or transfer to opposite college or university within the S.Y. 2010-2012.The former students will be used as respondents to determine the factors that affect their decision in ever-changing course or dropping out of drill. This study considered students demographic profile that might give up an impact on their decision making much(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as their age, gender and year level. One on one converse with the respondents, parents and teachers will be done in order to accomplish more in-depth information. This study will be conducted for 3 months within the month of July to October. Questionnaires, Interviews and poster will be used to identify the Factors that affect the decreasing number of enrolees of AB-Political Science in MSC Santa Cruz Campus.Chapter 2REVIEW OF RELATED booksD uring our research, we reviewed these, professional journal articles, mission statements, websites, government reports, enlighten reports and in-depth analyses. Not overmuch analysis has been published concerning our research question. However, many published plant life discussed whatever aspects that rear help in our research. We discuss the related works be depressive disorderPolitical Science Definition(According to Sanorjo, 1992) Political science is a social science discipline concerned with the study of the state, government, and politics. Hence, Aristotle defined it as the study of the state. It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics, and the analysis of political systems and political behavior. Political scientists see themselves engaged in revealing the relationships underlying political events and tallys, and from these revelations they attempt to construct general principles about the way the world of politics works.Political science intersects with other(a) product lines including anthropology, overt policy, national politics, economics, international relations, comparative politics, psychology, sociology, history, law, and political theory. Although it was codified in the 19th century, when all the social sciences were established, political science has ancient roots indeed, it originated almost 2,500 years ago with the works of Plato and Aristotle.Political science is comm lone(prenominal) divided into three distinct sub-disciplines which unneurotic constitute the field political philosophy, comparative politics and international relations. Political philosophy is the reasoning for an absolute normative government, laws and similar questions and their distinctive characteristics. Comparative politics is the science of comparison and teaching of disagreeent types of constitutions, political actors, law-makers and associated fields, all of them from an intrastate perspective. International relations deal with the i nteraction amongst nation-states as well as intergovernmental and transnational organizations.Political science is methodologically diverse and appropriates many methods originating in social research. Approaches admit positivism, interpretivism, rational resource theory, behavioralism, structuralism, post-structuralism, realism, institutionalism, and pluralism. Political science, as one of the social sciences, uses methods and techniques that relate to the kinds of inquiries sought primary sources such as historical documents and official records, secondary sources such as scholarly journal articles, survey research, statistical analysis, case studies, experimental research and model building.(According to Saviours Hub, 2007), the importance of political science is the covering of political powers and liberty in the realm of government structures. The ordinary citizens may bonk and canvass about their political rights and privileges from a given form of government including the political structure and processes of the state. Therefore, from the understandings of these basic concepts of government, state, laws and institutions those who would study political science must know its importance and function, relationship with other discipline and broader understanding to its specific roles of individual in a civilized society.The students and professionals should not just know the political theories but also deeper insights as to its application in their own field of expertise. Thus the study of political science will also include the empirical investigation of political facts through social research and the application of critical thinking. The key words in the comprehensive analysis on the principles of political science are state, government, law, institution, power relationships, legal process, constitutions and politics. These are the weighty dimensions to study political science that indispensability to be constantly in touchs to mold the citizens in achieving quality of life to our society. wherefore students choose Political Science(According to Bellamy Moon), The study of political science prepares one not only for employment, but for life as an informed citizen ready to participate in political activities within interest groups or political parties related to conjunction organization and political advocacy or even service as an elected or appointed official.Political science has been called the queen of the sciences, and justly so. It is the only major where one can obtain practical friendship and at the same time gain insights into the great issues of our age. What, for example, are the causes and institutional forces behind conflicts between the President and the chairman of a congressional commission? Are nations threatening an armed confrontation? What lies behind this conflict? Is there state-supported and media frenzy over a certain policy? Why do mess react this way and is it justified? What is the human cond ition? What is the meaning of civil society, and what is the individuals place in it?When you study Political Science you will think about these questions often. You will be able to answer them rectify than you could otherwise thanks to an understanding of the organization and Congress, international relations, political ideologies, and political theory. The knowledge and critical skills gained from the study of politics will enable you to be a more rational citizen, a more constructive participant in existence affairs, and a better professional in any vocation that deals with the public domain, including important positions in corporations, government and non-profit organizations.Political Science is a broad and inclusive discipline. almost political scientists are psychological researchers who want to understand why people behave the way they do politically. Some political scientists study institutions such as legislatures, courts, and bureaucracies. other(a)s seek to know th e whys and wherefores of judicial processes and constitutional issues. Some study foreign political systems to learn how their political systems work and why they differ from ours and each other. Other political scientists are intellectual historians and social critics who are interested in the quest for the goodish society. Still others are policy analysts. Some are omnibus students of American politics.Some are statistical theorists and specialists in surveying political attitudes. Some investigate the causes of war and the conditions for field pansy among nations. Amid this wide diversity of interests and approaches lies a common concern with anything political issues, institutions, behavior, power, and public goods. Political scientists also share a common interest the public arena of human society, the uses of power and persuasion, and the ideas which shape it. The different pursuits and the varied methodologies of political scientists all are directed in one way or another t oward promoting this common goal of understanding politics.Factors Affecting the Decrease of enrolment in Schools(According to Charles Pearson, chows Contributor), Education plays a major role in the in store(predicate) economic success and well-being of an individual. Therefore, parents and educators are often concerned when students bring tame. However, teachs are also often worried about losing championship during periods of low enrollment, especially when a large number of students attend alternative instills or move out of the area. Lower family pass judgment influence school enrollment. When the general area has fewer children in general, the schools have enrollment shortages that can lead to decreased funding and teacher layoffs. Population affects the enrollment judge. Areas that have people moving away will have lower school enrollments. Also, if no one is moving into the school district, lower birth rates in general can gradually decrease school enrollments. Thes e problems are frequent in rural areas and exacerbate the already limited funding that these schools receive. The number of businesses in a given area is positively fit to school enrollment. Geographic areas with fewer businesses have decreased school enrollment.Unemployment rates do not significantly influence enrollment rates, according to studies conducted by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. Some reform policies have decreased school enrollments. For example, in Chicago, reforms designed to prepare students for elevated school have lead to decreased school enrollment in last school as fewer students pass through the promotion gate. Low achieving students were the most promising to not enroll in high school. The transition into high school often causes students to drop out of school. Many students cannot handle the transition towards more autonomy. Some schools have sought to ease the transition by having broaden elementary schools which go until 9th grade, with a greater e mphasis on preparing the students for the high school environment. Some students drop out of school so that they can pursue employment. Some students are forced into financial situations in which they remove to work to bring an income in that can support themselves and their family. Some families do not value culture and prefer that their children enter the workforce.Pregnancy abouttimes leads to high school dropout. Pregnant teens often cannot handle the stress of concurrent pregnancy and grooming. Other times, doctors predict that the teen will give birth around a time when the teen has crucial academic events such as exams that determine whether or not the teen passes. Some students have poor grades or attendance. As a result, they do not find that they can graduate and instead choose to drop out. Students cannot drop out of high school until they are 16. Therefore, reaching this age provides students with the opportunity to drop out of high school. Some parents choose to s end their children to private schools. Other parents choose to home school their children. These decisions are often made because the parents are not satisfied with the academic curriculum provided by the public schools, so they decrease the public school enrollment rates by twist their children out.As Cost of Education Rises, Dropout Rates among Philippine Youths Soar (According to GLAIZA may MUZONES and JOSETTE EMILY DE JESUS, 2009), MANILA with six children and an extended family to fend for, Edna Espinosa has already conditioned her children that the highest education they can achieve is high school. Even if I wish they could block up college, we cannot really afford it, Edna say in an interview with Bulatlat. Considering that her husband doesnt earn much with his job as a plumber, Edna seeks the help of her children for their insouciant expenses. Glenn, one of the two children of Edna who was able to get to college, said that after graduating from high school, he had to stop schooling for three years and work as a dishwasher in a restaurant so he could send himself to school. At 26, he took up a computer-technology course at STI College, with guardianship of P20, 000 (about $422) per semester.Earning a measly amount of P4, 000 ($84) a month, he wasnt able to enroll himself this coming semester because of the adjoin in charge fee. From P20, 000, the discipline soared to P25, 000 ($527), excluding other expenses for school projects. He should have been in second year. Glenn is among many Filipino callowness who cannot afford the increasing cost of education due to never-ending tuition gains every year. The dropout rate has worsened over the years as school-aged children are compelled to work and help their parents earn money for their familys day-to-day expenses. ground on 2008 data from the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), out of 100 Grade One pupils, only 66 decision Grade Six. Only 58 of the 66 go on to enroll in first-year high school and only 43 eat high school. Of the 43 who wipe outed high school, only 23 enroll in college and only 14 of the 23 graduate from college.The Increase of tuition fee is one factor. The mediocre tuition rate both at the national level and in the interior(a) Capital Region (NCR) has three-fold under the Arroyo administration, Kabataan Rep. Raymond Palatino said in a privilege speech on May 18 title, The Tragedy of the Philippine Education. Citing data from CHEd, Palatino revealed that the national average tuition rate has increased by as much as 89.93 part, from P230.79 ($4.526 at the average 2001 exchange rate of $1=P50.99) in school year 2001-2002 to P437.10 ($9.829 at the 2008 average exchange rate of $1=P44.47) last school year. The underground manila paper average rate, on the other hand, went up by a whopping 94.54 percent, from P439.59 ($8.62) to P855.20 ($19.23) in the same period. Metro Manila has the highest average tuition rate per unit of P855.2 for the scho ol year 2008-2009 This content that for a regular 21-unit load, students are paying P17,959.20 ($403.849) every semester for the tuition alone.Based on its own monitoring, the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) cited several schools in Metro Manila that will increase their tuition this coming school year amid the global financial crisis and despite appeals from CHEd. Among these are Lyceum of the Philippines, with a five-percent increase in tuition and another five-percent increase in multifarious fees University of the East, five-percent tuition increase Far Eastern University, six-percent tuition increase. The Philippine School of Business and Arts, 15-percent tuition increase San Beda College, 20-percent tuition increase University of Santo Tomas, seven-percent tuition increase for future(prenominal) first and third Year students and 8.52-percent tuition increase to incoming 4th year students, according to the NUSP tutelage Watch. Palatino criticized the pra ctice of some schools to get profit even without increasing tuition. A school can drop out tuition increase and they can boast that there is no tuition hike.But it does not say that there is an increase in motley fees, in superfluous and exorbitant fees, Palatino said in an interview with Bulatlat. The youth representative said the energy fee, development fee, accreditation fee, athletics fee, internet fee, insurance fee and air condition fee are just some of the questionable fees being collected in private schools. Such play has proven to be very profitable to school owners. Unlike tuition, miscellaneous fee of all sorts are not included in the tuition increase consultations provided under CHED Memorandum No. 13, the guidelines for tuition hike applications, which was belatedly re-implemented following the lifting of the tuition cap, Palatino said in his speech. In our country, education is a big business, the NUSP said in its primer on the state of Philippine education. Palatin o asserted that high cost of education does not guarantee good quality education. Most private schools are profit-oriented diploma mills.They exist for profit. They only give out diplomas and make students their milking cows. According to Palatino, half of the un assiduous in the country belong to the youth sector. One-third of newly graduates do not immediately get employed. If we have a good quality of education in elementary and high school, not all youth need to enter college. In other countries you can still be employed even if you just finished high school. In our country, you need to finish and have a college degree for all kinds of available decent jobs, said Palatino. Palatino also criticized the low budget of the national government for the education sector. In other countries, tertiary education is highly subsidized by the state. In the Philippines, higher education is dominated by the private sector, he told Bulatlat. Palatino said that the ideal spending on education sh ould be 18 to 20 percent of the national budget, but the average spending on education in the Philippines is only 13 percent.The amount is equivalent to only 2.3 to 2.4 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (gross domestic product). This is way below the prescribed measuring of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNICCO), which states that six percent of GDP must be allotted to education. Because of the limited budget given to public schools, the funds provided for the facilities, salary of teachers, learning materials, and even school feeding programs are also inadequate, Palatino said. He said that despite the free tuition in public schools, it would cost around P15, 000 ($316.78) to P20, 000 ($422.38) to send a student to a public school. This amount covers the auxiliary needs of students that include school fees, books, school supplies, uniform, transportation, and food.Due to the small allocation of budget in education, public schools are forc ed to collect fees for other services. Palatino co-authored House Bill No. 2440 titled An Act Imposing a Three Year Moratorium on Tuition and Other Fee Increases on All Educational Institutions, principally authored by Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino. The three-year moratorium on tuition hike will serve as a temporary relief for students in accordance with the estimate of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) that the current economic crisis would last for three years. The bill is pending in the Lower House. For now, Glenn, like many other Filipino youth, will have to strive on his own to straighten out his dream. I want to go back to college and receive a diploma, he said.

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