Saturday, March 23, 2019

A Whole New Brushing Experience, Mon! :: Analyzing Crest’s Whitening Expressions Advertise

Analyzing treetops white Expressions Advertisement What do address trees, fresh citrus, and dentition have in common? extremums late lightening Expressions in Fresh citrous fruit Breeze of course. In the January 2005 issue of xvii Magazine Crest de thoed a juvenile advertisement for their new telegraph wire of Whitening Expressions toothpaste, which featured their Fresh Citrus Breeze flavor in gel form. From this advertisement it is easy for the viewer to see the emphasis Crest is placing on their new product Whitening Expressions. When first introduced, toothpaste was a calc beous mint flavored substance. Since then toothpaste has evolved into many other flavors and school textures. When purchasing toothpaste there argon not only one or two different brands, but there ar several different brands and under that there are several different flavors and styles. In the advertisement Crest is introducing the newest member of its family, Whitening Expressions in three tr uly new flavors. Crest Whitening Expressions are a new spin on toothpaste, in Cinnamon Rush, uttermost(a) Herbal Mint, and Fresh Citrus Breeze Crest presents its customers with a new experience for their mouth. As well as flavor and texture evolution, the palm of advertising has also evolved. Viewer expectations no longer just carry on to product, but also advertising for that product. Viewers expect a high quality advertisement, and that is exactly what Crest presents its viewers with. High tech graphics, and promising ideas fill the page as Crest presents its viewer with a giant dollop of orange toothpaste as the focal point of the ad.Fresh Citrus Breeze, this is the giant squirt of gel in the center of the page, and inside of this recognise of orange gel in a sort of s presently testicle effect appears a typical tropical scene with a palm tree, ocean tide and sailboat. Directly following the dollop of gel is a bar of dual colored text that captions the picture above. The first sentence of the text is describing the product featured above, while the rest of the caption describes the other flavors ready(prenominal) in the new Whitening Expressions. After the text the three flavors are presented in their different forms near then bottom of the page. The viewer now has seen all of the flavors and styles of the new product. The tropical setting gives this advertisement a new take on the emblematic mint paste.

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