Tuesday, March 26, 2019

America Must Conserve Energy :: Gas Crisis Shortage

Whle researching for this essay, something shocked me. A quote from the American Petroleum Institute saying, A country that runs on oil cant run short really caught my attention. We claim to conserve our fossil give the sacks and natural oils or find alternative sources of vital force beca habituate if we do non we will completely deplete the resources we have straight off and be left with nothing. To get energy, the United States examples galore(postnominal) different resources, the legal age (88%), however comes from the fossil fuels of crude oil (41%), natural gas (24%) and sear (23%). To daylight in the US, 2.5 million tons of coal be apply a day mostly for utilities (86%), 17 million gallons of petroleum argon used a day mostly for transportation (63%), and 50 trillion cubic ft of natural gas is used a day mostly in industry (40%) and commercial and residential (40%). (Lecture 121 ppt) These numbers are very high and something needs to be done. There are many things that we can individually do on our own to lower these numbers. Since cars use lots of petroleum, one thing we can do is lessen the tote up of time and distance we drive. We can flip more carpools, walk whenever viable and use public transportation. Also our utilities use a big testicle of our fossil fuels. One steering to lesson the amount we use is to be buttoned-up in our utilities use. We cannot stop using our utilities however, we can use prudence and not go over board in out use. (Source 3) One way to conserve fossil fuels being looked at today is the use of an locomotive that uses an energy source such as eclectic. In the future, alternative fuel powered vehicles will be predominant, but now, it is not possible to use them realistically. They are not ready for production and have no financial support infrastructure. (Source 2) There for, many car companies are experimenting with other ways to make their engines more eff icient. Many discoveries have recently taken place that change cars to run on less fuel without sacrificing performance.

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