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Presenter Notes

Slide1Good morning My name is and Im happy to be here today for this presentation. We go out be discussing personal manners to maximize the use of our Human Resources department and I impart concentrate on the ways our Human Resources department tail assembly be utilize for private exercise ideas, ways of assessing our aggroups and succession preparation.Slide2What be exercise estimates? Simply put, they are the military rank of ends that are pre-determined and put by twain the employee and transcription (Harvard Business Press, 2009). They are utilize to measure an employees military operation and aggroup execution.Why are mathematical process approximations essential? A consummation appraisal dejection be used to nominate certificate for each require disciplinal or termination issues. It can overly be employ to identify the stovepipe employees. This go away garter prudence identify employees soulfulness strengths and weaknesses. This go away attention employees reach their highest potential. Management is wherefore suit suitable to have got the reading to identify tight-laced educate and feedback for every employee. We would kibosh to exist without our patients. Patient satisfaction is a major factor at bottom the validation. Thus, patient satisfaction comments propose an important source of documentation when exploitation death penalty appraisal.The murder appraisal can provide an objective evaluation. The goals should be consistent among all employees in spite of appearance each job verbal description. Evaluation because would be conducted using the equal benchmarking. Utilization of the same goals and expectation within the job description helps management avoid discrimination complaints.The management squad moldiness sign on ownership of the per conformationance appraisal brass and show its importance and usefulness to our employees. Our employees moldiness realize the value of our appraisal system and be actively involved withhis or her own appraisal to take ownership of his or her own successes.A put onation appraisal can provide clarification of expectations, management communication, increased consistency, and expand accountability. Our company will clear through boosted productivity, retaining experienced employees, and the promoteing of culture that allows employees and management to communicate and contend ownership in the evaluation process.Slide3PlanA date and clipping should be decided upon in advance to minimize potential conflicts and allow for proper preparation. The appraisal should take place in a location that will provide privacy and limit interruptions.DocumentPositive and negative documentation should be collected from the employee hire date. This allows for an accurate, solid effect appraisal to be delivered. prayer of this documentation can happen in umteen ways, but nigh often occurs through e-mails, feedback from squad up outgrowths, disciplinary paper playact, veritable job description and scope of practice, attendance, patient satisfaction surveys and managements own nones. This information will allow the necessary information that will be needed to deliver an accurate and well-founded performance appraisal.Review Past AppraisalsHas the employee reached his/her goals from the last performance appraisal? Determine what actions need to take place for this employee to improve current performance, what management can do to help the employee reach these goals and provide sycophancy for actions the employee has done well.There are potential drawbacks when using performance appraisals. It is often a hard task to differentiate between agreemental performance and individual performance (Towney & Harris, 2000). A performance appraisal may be powerless if it does non correspond with the culture within the face (Schraeder, Becton, & Portis, 2007). Also, if non used correctly, a performance appraisal can be detri mental to a company. Complications arisingimpede improvement Soltani (2005) believes that performance appraisals willadversely affect tone of voice improvement within an giving medication due to negative perceptions. Negative perceptions operation appraisals can be stressful and uncomfortable for both the employee and management. This often is neat if the employee being appraised does non trust management or they believe the appraisal is an exercise to be endured and executed. Erroneous information Accurate information should be provided within the performance appraisal. It should be used to compare current performance to pre-established criteria and the employee should be rated honestly.Often, this is not the case and the employee will receive surged ratings to enrapture the employee to avoid conflict. Legal issues When not conducted appropriately, performance appraisals can cause heavy issues for the organization. Thus, the performance appraisal must(prenominal)(prenomin al) be free from bias and discrimination. p assistance goals surgery appraisals are used to outline an employees performance goals. An as well challenging goal may affect the employees quality of work, acquaintance and skills. This would not be beneficial for the organization or employee. New employees should rivet on outcome goals rather than performance goals initially. Affect pay A deficit in performance-based pay may be linked to the performance appraisal. This leads to tension among employees and management.Slide4The employee should be informed of any performance pay increases subsequently the appraisal. The rationale for not giving any increase in performance pay should be discussed with the employee and allow the employee any rebuttal if not in agreement with the appraisal.Goals must be communicated with the employee and must be in conjugation with organizational culture. They must be specific, measurable, supported, and achievable. These goals will be motivators for th e agile time to come. Unobtainable goals are discouraging and provide no real way to achieve company goals. Documentation of the plan of action for the employee should be established. This documentation will provide a record of what has been tried, lessons learned, and the direction in which the employee should take to meet goals.This will help the employee gain receiveledge and experience prior(prenominal) to taking on additional responsibilities. Thus, providing theemployee with his/her strengths and weaknesses. Next the discussion for what the employee goals will be for the upcoming future should take place. New goals should be addressed. The employee should be instinctive to correct any performance issues.The performance appraisal process should take on this step for an overall legal process. This allows management and the employee to be involved with the process.Slide5The employee should know where he/she stands in obtaining performance goals. Thus, providing feedback is an integral part of the task. The feedback should be delivered to the employee to trigger off the employee but also help him/her identify any weakness in his/her performance and to help contribute to growth. The employee should leave the appraisal with knowledge of what he/she specifically ask to improve on and the actions needed to improve. However, management may unknowingly make mistakes when delivering feedback. This may impede the employees performance. Some instances that may be counter-productive to providing feedback is not honestly providing accurate feedback because of a negative connotation, focalisation on the individual rather than actions, generalizing the feedback given up, and offering solutions with negative feedback only.personality Appraisal The employees personality may be appraised instead of his/her performance. This may leave the employee odour attacked. Demoralizing The appraisal may only provide feedback on what you are not doing well, instead of what you have done correctly. I Talk, You Listen advent The appraisal should allow for conversation to take place. The employee should be allowed to ask questions and not to have to sit quietly and listen to only what management wants to say. Surprises The employer should not surprise the employee. The employer should provide feedback at times other than the performance appraisal, in particular if the actions of the employee are negative.Performance appraisals are not often looked fondly upon. Management delivering the appraisals needs to use the appraisal as a way to provideboth positive and negative feedback. This will make the process more effective and beneficial to both the organization and employee.Slide6The performance appraisal should be completed using simple language. Do not use jargon when disquisition with the employee. The employee expects honesty, so dont gloss over the appraisal if it is not as positive as the employee hoped. This isnt the time to renegotiate the goals set at the beginning of the year, but to deliver the information on any deficits the employee had. The manager delivering the appraisal should not be afraid to praise the employee for doing a good job. On the other hand, if the employee has not performed as evaluate, the manager should not feel the need to hide the bad news.The employees performance is not a reflection on that manager, but the employee. It is not ethical to inflate an employees performance detail to spare feelings. Doing so, actually will distinguish the organization to liability. Feedback should be given throughout the year so at that place is no surprise or likelihood for any confrontations during the appraisal review. The employee will respect the manager more when this takes place then waiting until the performance appraisal for all the information to be divulged.Slide7Is the company concerned with employee successes? Yes When the employee is able to succeed in attaining his/her goals, the organization succee ds as well. Increased efficiency and end product are achieved when management and employees work together with a common goal. The organization will exist only when our company invests in our employees.Professional investing begins upon the fight of the new employee. The employee was hired for his/her individual set of skills and knowledge. The roles and responsibilities of the employee evolve and grow as the organization evolves. Thus, the organization continues to invest in the employee for both the organization and employees benefit.There is a benefit to helping an employee expand in overlord increase.The organization invests in that employee and hopes to promote the culture of the company. This allows the employee to adapt to changing demands in the work environment. When the employee is successful, then the organization appears more successful.A successful performance appraisal will benefit the organization by providing professional development of the employee. This will hel p the organization create a employee that follows the culture of the organization. This leads to increased employee satisfaction and results in decreased employee turnover.Slide8Teams of individuals compose an organization. There are organizational expectations for a aggroup ups performance. Four areas need to be considered when assessing a teams performance. These areas are financial health, market wins, service quality and personal development (Smith, 2004). Financial viabilityFinancial viability is important in measuring team performance. This tells management how well the team utilizes employees and keeping the overall costs deoxidised.Market winsThe assessment of the team in marketing gives the organization a picture of how well the team is doing in comparison to company goals. Service QualityThe team is assessed on how important they make the consumer feel and attention paid to needs of the consumer. Was the bearing appropriate and did the team provide the consumer an luck for communication of his/her needs? Personal DevelopmentThe team is assessed on the investment of each team members personal development. Did the team members achieve his/her goals and how does this compare to the overall team efforts? Specific evaluations can be good indicators in overall team satisfaction.Slide9A multi-source feedback pretense is one that gathers information on an employee from members within the employees immediate peer group. This type of feedback get will include direct feedback from peers, executive programs, andsubordinates. This model also gives the employee a chance to evaluate his/her own performance. Feedback may also come from external sources, such as patients. Multisource feedback may be contrasted by upward feedback, where feedback is given from direct reports and traditional performance appraisals, where his/her direct supervisor only evaluates the employee.This combination of appraisals ensures accurate assessments of employees and teams. Superv isors would be able to utilize feedback from the employees peers, patients, and his/her own individual performance review. The employees must separate individual assessments from team assessments to ensure accuracy. This type of evaluation also allows for praise to be given when it is due.The multi-source feedback model can also be utilized for team performance evaluations. The multi-source feedback model allows supervisors see the performance of a team from all points of view. This model would be able to identify if the team is meeting organizational goals.Slide10 Managers must be consistent when evaluating team performance and employees. The manager must understand the importance of the assessment strategy. For example, the employee evaluation focuses upon the individual employee while the team evaluation focuses upon the team as a full-length. Thus, it is important to have a system in place for evaluations. The nature of the team type of evaluation needs to be focused on discuss ions rather than endless form filing. This makes sense because the manager will need to gain an understanding of the whole team and the successes attained in meeting designated objectives.The discussions need to focus on what can strengthen the team and what individual opportunities exist for individual team members. The team members must feel comfortable and be encouraged to be candid during the discussions. Employee evaluations focus on the individual employee and conducted with that employee only. There are many types of evaluations available to assess an individual employee in an ongoing performance assessment. individual(a) assessments are aimed at providing feedback to the employee and management for administrative decision-making and employee development. The primary purpose of an employee performanceappraisal is to improve the employee to achieve goals.Slide11Individuals are not happy doing the same job over and over again without the prospect of something more evoke or ch allenging being offered to them. Employees who anticipate a long-term go path will look at options available to them. They will apparent be more motivated and productive. They will want to understand what is expected from them and think about what they need to do to remain with the company.Succession planning helps the organization plan what it must do to provide professional development for our employees. A successful strategy provides cross- provision and mentoring to employees and prepares them to be ready to step into other jobs and responsibilities should the opportunity present itself. This allows the organization to function effectively. To ensure growth and sustainability, an organization should implement a succession planning strategy. This will guarantee the organization move successes and allows the organization to develop more leaders within (Beck, 2013).Slide12The organization can use succession planning through the development of more leaders within the actual organ ization. This allows the organization to invest in employees, which provides positive reenforcement and satisfaction. This also allows to place employees in different positions should the necessity arise to make full positions due to unforeseen circumstances. The actual candidates selected must be chosen carefully, since the candidates will be expanding their competencies and skills to ensure they will be able to lead others. The candidates must be familiar with as many departments as possible so they are able to foster a greater understanding of the organization and culture.Successional planning should be a benefit within the organization. This can be used to help recruit valuable employees. This will help aid theorganization attain the mission and goals set by.Slide13 Identification of recognize positions should be completed. Next, key employees should be identified for these positions. The employees should have adequate development and training to attain the organizational mi ssion and goals. This would ensure the employees identified for these positions would be prepared to step-in to these key positions. This assures the organization has created a group of super competent employees to advance within the organizational framework.The employees selected must be unstrained to participate in succession training for the program to work. The organization must ensure the employees selected have the desired abilities and talents to follow the career paths set forth by the company. This is where professional development is key. The organization has created the opportunity for the employees and the organization must motivate the employee to grow. This will help the organization develop employee loyalty and reduce turnover.Senior leadership must be involved for succession planning to be effective and successful. This leadership must become integral in the training and development of the selected employees. The senior leaders must buy-in to the concept of success ion planning and provide a positive carriage to the development and training.Slide14The performance appraisal system provides opportunities for professional development and training, encourages positive company attitudes, and provides the opportunity for a clear understanding of expectations to be seen. The actual appraisal provides the opportunity to reward, encourage, and wrap up expectations for employees. Appraisals are meant to be as accurate as possible and be fairly administered.The appraisal system can be utilized in both individual and team evaluationapproaches. The appraisal system should everlastingly be given in a non-threatening manner and be a positive experience even when the appraised employee doesnt meet expectations. The appraisal should provide a platform to help motivate and develop employees.The goals of employees and the organization should be aligned so both entities reap the rewards. Evaluation of both individual and team performance is beneficial in incre asing productivity one by one and organizationally. This leads to a more accurate evaluation.The multi-source feedback model can be utilized to evaluate team and individual performance. Peers, supervisors and the individual teal member is able to evaluate performance. This model can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses that can then be discussed and a plan of action be utilize to promote professional growth.Succession planning is the strategy utilized to fill inactive positions with qualified employees. The key positions are initially identified and then the employees are identified for these positions. Significant training and professional development will then take place for succession within the organization.The goal of this presentation is to foster the understanding of a successful performance appraisal process. Our organizational goal is to provide support to our employees by promoting professional development to attain our organizations mission and goals.Slide15 Th e Human Resources department is ready to help prepare performance appraisal forms, establish protocols, provide managerial training to improve communication skills to help deliver performance appraisals, and ensure the performance appraisal process complies with all laws.The attitude conveyed by the CEO and get on with is a positive one that shows a commitment to our employees and has our employees best interests in mind.They want employees to be vested in our organization and provide professional development to all involved.Our organization is taking a positive attitude to performance appraisals and is promoting them as a positive opportunity for constructive change. Performance appraisals are not to be used as a disciplinary measure.Our organization supports all employees and will continue to help our employees become set-aside(p) in a process that will retain them. Interventions will be implemented for those who need improvement. Positive reinforcement will be used at all times .

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