Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How do Gold Cadillac and Country Lovers differ in their presentation Es

How do Gold Cadillac and Country Lovers differ in their creationof Prejudice?Both Mildred Taylor (Gold Cadillac) and Nadine Gordimer (CountryLovers) grew up in cultures where racism was a come out of their everydaylife. This theme of racism is reflected sloppedly in their stories.Mildred Taylors go out of racism in the Southern States ofAmerica is reflected in the themes and setting of her writing. She was born(p) in 1943, Jackson, Mississippi, the strongest racial prejudicesate found in America. In many of her college preparatory classes,Mildred Taylor was the only black student. She often found herselfpainfully embarrassed by the lacklustre portrait of black people aspresented in history class.Similarly, Nadine Gordimers life in South Africa allowed her to spectator pump first hand the human effects of segregation andstate-sanctioned racism, during the Apartheid. From her earlychildhood, Nadine Gordimer witnessed how the colour minorityincreasingly weakened the rights of the b lack majority. She states inThe lying days, which is based closely on her own life, that she hada growing alienation toward the narrow-mindlessness of a small townlife.In the Gold Cadillac, the author focuses on the themes of racialprejudice through family life. By using dialogue, the lector sensesthe closeness of the family we know they are secure and loved, Wilmaand I hugged our set about with our joy. My uncles came from the firesideand my aunts, carrying their babies, came out to. Mildred Taylor andher father had a special relationship, From my father I knowing torespect the past, to respect my own heritage and myself, this is aquote from Mildred Taylor. I therefore think, Mildred Taylor decided... ...ers to feel and thinkhow she feels and thinks. We see how family is important to MildredTaylor, because, the father gave up the Gold Cadillac to protect hisfamily. The Gold Cadillac is represented as America, it whitethorn seem to bea country of freedom, but it really is a country of racism andprejudice.The author of Gold Cadillac allows the readers to engage with theauthor. Because the narrator is a young girl, the story becomes moretruthful, this helps the reader to create a more vivid image of theGold Cadillac.Finally, both stories have a strong theme of racial prejudice. Theyexplore deal with and present these tensions in a strikingly differentway, both stories allows the readers to engage with the author. We lift up how both Mildred Taylor and Nadine Gordimers historicalbackground help contribute to the stories, bringing the text to life.

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