Monday, March 18, 2019

Essay on The Awakening -- Chopin Awakening Essays

Criticism of The rouse breeding through all of the different criticism of Kate Chopins The change has brought about ideas and revelations that I had never considered during my initial reading of the novel. When I jump read the text, I viewed it as a great work of stratagem to be revered. However, as I read through all of the passages, I began to examine Chopins work more critically and to see the weaknesses and strengths of her novel. Reading through others interpretations of her novel has also brought forth new concepts to look at again. In An American Madame Bovary, Cyrille Arnavon argues that there seems to be insufficient justification for Ednas romantic suicide, and this is the main weakness of this fine novel (185). Throughout the book, Edna is visualised as a strong woman emerging from sleep and devising her mark on the world. She starts earning her protest money and moves out of her husbands home into a home of her own. She shows an inner desire to be her own indep endent self. In The Ending of the Novel, George Spangler suggests that a prima...

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