Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The novel Oliver Twist Essay Example for Free

The novel Oliver Twist Essay The novel Oliver Twist was written in 1867 by Charles Dickens, a social reformer and also a philanthropist. Dickens had a particular aim in writing the novel. He wanted to show the reality of underclass criminals, traditionally glamorized in fiction. He was motivated by writing such personal experiences as his obsession with grinding poverty was intense. Dickens was middle lower class. His father was jailed for debt and with know one to maintain him, he was sent to work in a blacking factory. The labour force incorporated urchins and rough working class lads, here he was forced to accept the reality of poverty. Bill Sikes is one of the main characters in Oliver Twist he is essential to Dickens aim because he illustrates criminality and poverty. Critics stated that Sikes had no redeeming features, but the truth is he has. it is TRUE every man who has watched these melancholy shades of life must know it to be so. And because it is so unrealizable that people like Bill do exist Dickens offers the reality to poverty, hypocrisy, crime and hunger. Dickens use of superlatives shows us how he tries to paint a picture of the exactness of underground criminals. To paint them all in their deformity and wretchedness. Bill is the archetypal villain in Oliver Twist, his actions ruin the life of prostitute Nancy who saves Oliver because she doesnt want Fagin and Sikes to corrupt his life just like they corrupted hers. Sikes is manipulative and he knows what he is capable of. Dont speak to me its not safe. When we first meet Bill, Dickens describes him as a stoutly built fellow of 35 with a bulky pair of legs and large swelling carves. This automatically gives the reader an impression of Bill Sikes power. It looks as if he intimidates people with his body size, he not only uses his body but his eyes also give a sense of extortion two scowling eyes. Although Sikes has a subdue attitude, he tries to impress people by wearing expensive clothes that dont quite make the grade. A black velveteen coat, a brown hat and a dirty belcher handkerchief around his neck, his solid drab breeches remind people of his criminal dealings. Sikes often wipes the beer from his face on to his velveteen coat and it is distinctly confirmed in the quote that his handkerchief is filthy. This shows us that in spite of the fact him wearing costly garments he doesnt meet the standards by reason of grubbiness. Dickens characterizes Sikes as a ruffian, his voice is griff due to him not speaking proper standard English. Growled his engaging ruffian.

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