Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Giver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Giver - Essay Example The book and the movie have same ideas that they convey out. In both the book and the film there is pain being experienced by different characters involved. For example, in the film, there was a war that took place and the community went through tough times. After the war, they decided to do away with racial feelings. On the other hand, in the book, there are options on how to make things work for the community especially in decision making by the elders. The book and the film have series of similar events that resulted to the main theme of both the book and the movie. Therefore, in this review, there is no different in the plot or subplot as can be realized when watching and reading the book and the film respectively. In class structure, the movie and the book have a positive impact on students in building the knowledge of literature, hence improvement in academic standard. In addition to this, the book and the movie clearly show some types of leadership that can be copied by the most governments in many nations around the globe. This can be either positive or negative to those who put them into practice. For example, Jonas is nominated to take charge of all memories and provide them when they are needed for use by the community. However, the government has the responsibility to control the use of any written material and films. This is done by different institutions within the government at different levels. Sometimes the contents of some materials may be dangerous to peace or economic stability of the nation. In this case, the content of the book and the film have important information that is helpful to the citizens. Example is showed when the community elders seek the receiver’s advice whenever they needed wisdom to make decisions on various issues within the committee. The occasions that needed wisdom were during population increase and when the pilot always takes

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