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Depression in Teenagers: A Growing Problem Essay -- Essays Papers

Depression in Teenagers: A Growing Problem Who has not, at some time or another, said, â€Å"I am depressed?† It is a line that slips off the tongue of people all too readily when they are bored or unhappy. But most people, when they say that, do not mean that they are clinically depressed, possibly wanting or needing treatment. Sadness is unpleasant but it is not as bad as depression. When people are sad, they keep their self-respect and they feel better after a good cry or a talk with a friend. When people are depressed, self-respect fades, crying does not help at all, and people who are depressed feel alienated around others because they feel like no one understands what they are going through (Brenton 67). Depression is a serious, life-threatening illness that affects approximately thirty million Americans (Brenton 3). Age, race, religion, or educational background is not a factor. Depression strikes anyone at anytime. However, the biggest rise in depression today is in teenagers. Depression in adults is a sad, lonely, and sometimes tragic experience (Cytryn & McKnew, 17). In teenagers it can be even more devastating. Depression gets in the way of teenager’s daily lives. The years of adolescence are supposed to be the â€Å"best years of their lives† and depression robs them of those years. How can life be fun when problems interfere with social life or schoolwork? Teenagers need to know that they cannot simply ignore their symptoms. They need to get help because without the proper help, depression leads to suicide (Bender 70). There are two sides in the current controversy over depression. Some experts believe that depression is an illness while others believe that teenagers are simply making themselves fee... to. It always helps to discuss problems with someone else. I believe that if a person knows someone who has two or more of the symptoms of depression they should get that person help, before it is too late. Today’s teenagers are the future of our world. Teenagers that are depressed find everything in life to be more complicated and that is simply no way to live. Works Cited Bender, David L. Suicide: Opposing Viewpoints. 1999. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2004. Brenton, Sue. Depression. 1996. Rockport: Element Books, 2000 Cohen-Sandler, Roni, Ph.D. â€Å"Do you need a therapist?† Seventeen Dec. 2004: 95. Cytryn, Leon M.D., and Donald McKnew M.D. Growing Up Sad. 1996. Washington: Norton & Company, 1999. Depression in Teenagers. November 2003. Hearts and Minds Network. 8 November 2004>.

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