Thursday, August 29, 2019

Family Health Promotion Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Family Health Promotion Paper - Essay Example oted that the analyses of monoamine oxidase A gene - linked polymorphic region (MAOA – LPR) genotypes revealed that women who have been abused sexually in their childhood were more like to develop alcoholism and antisocial behavior. This study also revealed that those women with low activity variant are more likely to develop this problem compared to women with high activity variant (NIAAA, 2007). Abuse among the members in the family, assault, and homicide are some of the violent acts observed among alcoholic individuals (Casa Palmera, 2007). It was also reported that women and children alike are frequent abuse of alcohol – related problems (Casa Palmera, 2007). Casa Palmera (2007) noted that vandalism is an illegal act that is common among individuals under alcohol influence. Graffiti writing, public and private property destruction are among those acts of vandalism credited among alcoholics (Casa Palmera, 2007). A. Precontemplation Stage: During this stage, the client and his family deny of having a problem with alcoholism and want others to change their behavior instead, because they view others having the same problem. B. Contemplation Stage: During this time, the client and his family is acknowledging that he is having a serious problem with alcoholism and is taking into consideration obtaining treatment and rehabilitation. C. Decision and Determination: The client and his family are now thinking on how to avoid drinking alcohol and from getting hooked with it. During this time, he is beginning to think about his future being free from alcoholism. Educate the client and his family that alcohol produces mood and behavioral changes. Heavy and regular alcohol intake leads to liver cirrhosis, a leading cause of death secondary to chronic alcoholism (Kozier, et al., 2004). Kozier also noted that mixing drinking and driving causes crippling or fatal accidents. Social Learning Theory: This includes how the family, peers, and providers of the client help

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