Saturday, August 24, 2019

Flight( I choose the Bald eagle) Research Paper

Flight( I choose the Bald eagle) - Research Paper Example Further topics explored in this research work include the food habit and the challenges faced by Bald Eagles. In short, this research work attempts to provide overall information on one among the most important predators in the sky, i.e., Bald Eagle. Generally, human encroachment affects the ecological balance and sustenance of life. More and more endangered species are at the edge of extinction and the human race is responsible for the same. Within this scenario, the challenges faced by birds like Bald Eagles are unnoticed because human beings provide less importance to this problem. Still, the attempt to retrieve of Bald eagle (mainland of North America) population is noteworthy because the same is an important epoch within the effort to maintain bird population and to save birds from extinction. Thesis statement: The research on Bald Eagle proves that this bird has some peculiar characteristics, its habitat includes wetlands with abundant supply of fish, its food habit includes ca rnivorous (primarily fish), and it faces challenges like human encroachment on habitat, pesticides, and hunting. This section of the research work is broadly divided into: general information, habitat, food habit, and challenges. General information: In real sense, this bird is not bald or with fewer feather on its head. Instead, the name originates from the fact that the color of this bird’s head is white. ... To be specific, female birds are comparatively larger than male birds. These birds have strong legs and toes, most helpful to snatch their prey and to slice meat. This peculiarity is helpful for this bird to have dominance over its prey. Besides, these birds are seen in almost all parts of the mainland of North America. [Untitled figure of population distribution of Bald Eagles in North America]. Retrieved November 12, 2013, from: The difference between mature and immature birds of this type is visible because immature birds are with black color on their beaks. On the other side, the mature birds do not have any color variation on their beaks because the dominant color is yellow. One can see that, â€Å"Bald eagles are one of the largest raptors, or birds of prey, in North America† (Magby, 2012). These birds belong to sea eagle variety and they build large nests on tall trees. In addition, this bird’s fame is related to its status as the national bird, within the context of US. Habitat: The main habitat of this bird variety is wetlands, including coastal areas, riverbanks, large lakes, and other type of large water bodies. One can see that this bird selects these areas as main habitat because sustenance and reproduction are important. To be specific, these birds build their nests on tall trees near to water bodies, including wetlands. Besides, abundance of fish variety in wetlands attracts this bird variety to these areas. On the other side, these birds never provide any special importance to tree species. Instead, almost all tall trees are used for nesting purpose, disregarding species. Besides, these birds provide ample importance

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