Monday, August 26, 2019

Quality Assurance in Banking Investment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Quality Assurance in Banking Investment - Essay Example In view of the importance of quality assurance in the investment banks, the process is carried out to strengthen the procedure and standards at corporate level, promoting efficient utilization of available resources so that different functions are carried out in an expeditious and cost effective manner and make recommendations for enhanced customer satisfaction. As investment banking is a service oriented business with most of the profits coming through the investments in businesses and acting as consultant to many businesses, it is necessary that investment banking adopt suitable techniques, theories and principles related to quality assurance for customer satisfaction and retention. Banking Investment or investment banking is part of the financial services industry that offers wide variety of services to corporations and organizations all over the world. The range of products and services is increasing rapidly that has made it difficult to distinguish the most important services because investment banks offer their services in different forms (Turnbull and Moustakatos, 1996)1 The service is an area that helps companies in funds acquisition, advising for wide range of transactions for future businesses ( As it is clear that the investment banking deals with providing financial assistance to the companies for business matters, it is essential to ensure quality service in the area. Therefore quality assurance is the main pillar of any business including profit and nonprofit organizations, government and nongovernmental organizations as it affects the level of success in the business. The quality assurance further helps in conducting other evalua tion processes like standards compliance evaluations, brand assurance evaluations, customer or guest experience evaluations, etc. which makes it essential and important in any business organization to maintain a dominant position in the industry market ( In view of the importance of quality assurance, the present paper is intended to discuss the issues and importance related to banking sector particularly in investment banking. Investment Banking Investment banks have multilateral functions to execute in favor of various companies. The service mainly deals with companies like helping private and public corporations in issuing securities in the primary market, guarantee by standby underwriting or best efforts selling and foreign exchange management. ( Further it is committed towards providing assistance to capital markets as intermediary. These are the institutions that are regarded as counterparts of banks in the capital market in the function of intermediation in the process of resource allocation (Subramanyam, 2004, p.72)4 Need for Quality Assurance in Investment Banking Williamson (1988, p.55) stated that investment banking has been and will continue to be an increasingly intensively competitive business in order to strive in the market which is mainly dominated by the changes as part of strategy in the capital and securities industry. The changes in the market include emergence of institutional investors, internationalization, innovative technology enabling investment banks and their customers to organize and distribute

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