Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Charles darwin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Charles darwin - Essay Example This governmental body has set safety standards which are to be followed by all the companies and the safety and health professionals have to ensure that these standards are being followed and obeyed by every company. The article â€Å"Importance of safety consideration in site layout and organization† is written by Anumba and Bishop. The article was published in the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering in the year 1997. The article discusses the facts that generally at the time of laying out the site plan are ignored and it has been mentioned that these facts are very important to be considered in the practical implementation. It has been discussed that in general no company focusses much on safety methods that must be adopted. Here it has been mentioned that occupational safety and health professionals must keep a proper check on such companies and proper action must be taken against such companies (Anumba & Bishop, 1997). Safety and health professionals are responsible for planning out and formulating the rules and standards that are to be set for the employees. They have to first plan out a team of highly professional and experienced professionals which would work together as a team to formulate the points and rules and finalize them, then a team must be developed which would ensure that the rules and standards set by the agency are being implemented or not. While planning and formulating the rules it must be made sure that the rules that are being designed must be practically applicable and can be applied to all organizations and firms (Bailey, 2008). Each and every aspect regarding health care issues must be kept under consideration and all sorts of companies and firms must be kept in view while designing the rules and points of the act. It is the responsibility and duty of the health and safety professionals to design such rules and set such standards that each and every employee feels safe and secure while working in the workplace environment. Safety

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