Thursday, May 2, 2019

Why should students attend college to obtain a education Essay

Why should students see college to obtain a direction - Essay ExampleBy exploring specific subjects, college education opens up the oral sex of the learners to gain much life changing skills that are essential to achieving offend careers in life. Therefore, this paper determines the economic and social value of college education in contrast to what students learn in high school.Thompson (193) argues that most of the pedantic statistics in the United States indicates that the majority of students attend high school education to unlock their potential for better opportunities in life. It is cited that college education is an economical avenue for a better work and to earn more money. For instance, more people high school graduate would willing to attend a college education only to see a well paying job as compared to their status of employment. Because high school job opportunities characterized by low, paying jobs such as janitors that do not require any professional experience to perform. In addition, some people attend college education to increase the knowledge skill, for people who envision educational accusatory go through college education just to gain sound education and get an open chief than those who may not have attained such qualifications.College education also empowers the life of an individual. The main savvy being that, better-educated persons understand issues that improve daily lives of existence. Professional experience that enables a person to interpret financial statements and vital documents give a person more powers to govern his life. College education contributes immensely to the growing fix of investment decision. In essence, the firstborns in most families do find themselves automatically attending such education due to pressure from the family. The logic behind this is based on economic returns because a father who does not have college education will strive and ensure that his children excel beyond high school level (Thom pson 193).According to Thompson

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