Friday, May 10, 2019

Executive Function Performance Test Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Executive Function Performance Test - Essay ExampleReliability is the degree to which an promoter measures the same way each time it is used it may be estimated by the agreement between examiners and its internal consistency. In the study, interrater reliability was measured using intraclass correlation coefficients and Cronbachs alpha for each of the tasks, and to check each of the test domains with the total score. Validity is related to to how close the results, based on the measurement, are related to the truth. In the present study, validity was measured by comparing the performance across the three groups, founded in the results of measurements. In addition, the scale was compared and correlated with other neuropsychological measures which are known to assess executive functions. agree to the results, shown in table No 1 of the original document, the demographic characteristics were similar in the study groups. The jibe individuals were younger, but there was no statistica l significance. Patients with moderate stroke had higher scores in the EFPT tasks, followed by patients with mild stroke, and control individuals. Both the EFPT total score and each of the executive functions showed a similar trend. These results subscribe the hypotheses of the study. The study has the strength of evaluating a scale that measures instrumental tasks and the level of assistance affected individuals need in these tasks. As with other scales, researchers are measuring important characteristics of this instrument validity and reliability.

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