Saturday, May 11, 2019

Edible bird's nest Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Edible birds nest - Essay ExampleThey argon also available in supplements in form of capsules, chewable and liquid. There are various strains of probiotics precisely the most common are lactobacillus and bifid bacterium.Many of the health claims about probiotic yogurt still need more scientific research to be carried out in order to ascertain the claims. One of the major(ip) claim is that probiotic yogurt can change the makeup the gut bacteria for the better. A cogitation conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles in the USA discovered that probiotics can alter the school principal function as well. As such, these findings could go by experts in creating dietary interventions that alter mood, anxiety, and stress as well as pain sensitivity. Scholars assert that symbiotic gut bacteria which are the complex ecosystem of micro organisms that are found in the human digestive system promote health benefits by boosting a persons immunity and as such help with food digesti on, maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure (Heasman et al, 2001). Probiotic yogurt can be used at the work place to keep the workers energized especially for those who do manual work such as construction. It can also rejuvenate the emotional state of the people who are undergoing training or when seated in a seminar hall listening to lectures. This will keep people alert as it is said to boost concentration. Students should also be encouraged to take probiotic yogurt to enhance their understanding in class as well as improving their brain performance. Studies done on rodents seem to propose that dietary changes to the gut bacteria altered the emotional behaviour and sensitivity to pain. However, there is little license to prove that bacteria eaten in food can alter brain function. In a study by the same university, a research was conducted that revealed that those who ate probiotic yogurt for a month showed improved brain function in both resting brain activity

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