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The Just Not Caring Essay

An example of military group against women Imagine the horror of universe forcefully tied down, drenching In kerosene oil and being set on finish alive. It would not be a surprise If the mere thought of It Is al nominate disturbing to you. How much more so would it be that this bitter fate is truly faced by many married women in India not at the hands of approximately psychos or strangers, but by their own so-called beloved saves and or in-laws?A young char is either being destroy alive, beaten to death or being forced to commit suicide at someplace in India, almost e rattling(prenominal) four hours for not being able to provide the demand of dowries. Stone) The word circumstances In the ordinary sense means properties or resources that be given to the groom and his family at the beat of wedding from the brides family for accepting her to their home permanently. Dowry is, therefore, a compensatory payment to the family which agrees to shelter her hypothetically for the r est of her life. (Madam). The personality of property may be movable or immovable.Movable property generally consists of cash, apparel, furniture, ornaments, cycle or railroad car and many other articles and Immovable property Includes land, house and shop or actors, etc. (Hookah, 3) Historically, the dowry was referred as gift given voluntarily and it was restricted besides to the Brahmins as the symbol of the highest caste. Today the dowry practically refers to expensive material objects demand by the bridegrooms family as opposed to voluntarily given and it is unfortunately suitable customary across many deferent castes and social groups. Stone) Although dowry is possibly the single largest cause of bride destroy as well as other divisions of domestic force-out against women the Inequality between genders, an Increase In consumerism and he growing greed of balancing the social perspective with material objects also serves to be the motivations in committing the crime of bride burning. Oil) In India, a daughter is often neither valued nor welcomed by her biological family repayable to the severe financial weight of the dowry expectation. In fact, girls are rejected prior to their birth.Pillar, indicates that detection of a fetus using amniocentesis test have escalated throughout the country and the fetus carrying XX chromosomes are often aborted because the ultimate financial burden of a woman makes a female infant super unwanted. Rude) The male preference over female Is also delinquent to the custom of husbands family taking in the bride and thereof daughters are taken as temporary visitors in their own home. Even in the matter of upbringing, sons enjoyment and success are con positioningred more important because in return sons bear the responsibility of supporting their parents at the time of old age.Over time, this unequal treatment and abandonment faced by many women from a very young age forces them to view themselves as a minority which then ultimately shatters their confidence and self-worthiness into pieces. This explicates wherefore many parvenuely-wed women prefer to stay mute even when they experience brutality or dowry -related violence since they fear or lack the confidence to gear up enough courage in an unknown house hold to fight back or spread abroad the violence when the dowry obligations are unmet.According to Rude, some even choose suicide as an escape from the brutality of their situation and to spare their parents the humiliation of not being able to India, a total of 2. 276 female suicides due to dowry disputes were reported in 2006 that is vi a day on an average, while the figure was 2,305 in 2005. On an average India loses one India woman every four hours over a dowry dispute, as per official data, patronage a series of laws to em federal agency them. (Dowry) The ongoing reality of dowry- related violence is an example of what potty happen when women are inured as property.Hookah points out homicidal burning to be a common method used to dispatch a wife by the husband and in-law in order to bring forth excuses to explain the incident. The husband or in-law often reports the incident to the police as a stove smash, an accidental burn that took place while the woman was cooking on a rimes stove. Or the report may state that my wifes dress usually its a traditionally dress called share caught on fire while she was cooking on a wood burning stove.In case, if the husband or in-law fails to shew the event based upon the evidence, they simply report the death as being one of the suicides. A acquainted(predicate) claim is that the victim burnt herself to death by pouring paraffin oil on her clothes and body and setting herself alight. (Dowry) Due to lack of evidence, the guilty husband and in-law often escapes even afterward committing atrocious crimes and they are soon in the arraign business again looking for a new bride with perhaps an even handsomer dowry. Stone) These shocking made-up incidents are linked to the custom of the dowry system that has cancelled the very concept of marriagea pure attachment between a husband and a wifeinto a transaction, with no value placed whatsoever on the bride or the relationship of the husband and wife. For this man or his family woman becomes the ticket to his shortcut richness through the system of dowry. The groom side of the family often uses the prospect of a sons marriage to full fill all the series in legal injury of articles that they cannot afford on their own.Women are increasingly seen as commodities and are vulnerable to being treated as replaceable objects because when the flow of dowry ends, they are in a shaky position that can address to disapproval, cruelty, and finally, dowry-murder. The driving force behind this process is the growth of the cash-based economy, which has commercialese dowry and further lowered the status of women despite new laws and educational opportunities designe d to assist them. Although a dowry system is illegal in India, it entities to elaborate putting lives of many women in danger simply because there is no limitation to human greed. like a shot dowry is regarded, by those who demand it, as reflection of the social status of the bridegrooms family.. Thus, the more eligible the bridegroom is in monetary value of social standing, the wealth, the educational and career- related achievements, and so forth the larger the dowry that his family has the right wing to demand and receive.These marriages built upon greedand not upon love, as it should bebrings only disaster in which only women face. The desire for more never ends once the person has been bitten by dowry bite and as a result when the brides family cannot pay the amount commanded by the in-laws, the bride is often then burned alive as a consequence. Furthermore, the emergence of consumerism has made it loving for prospective bridegrooms and their families to use the dowry as a means of enriching themselves at the time of marriage by demanding expensive presents from the parents of the prospective bride.The desire for continuing to benefit materially from the parents of the bride can take the form of pressuring the parents of young women do not hesitate to the evil custom of dowry. Since it has become very problematic for family with a daughter who is highly educated to find an eligible educated groom due to the pressure that a girl is required to marry a husband above her in terms of education. And it is considered a shameful act to marry a man with a less education.Thus, the daughters parents are ready to pay a handsome amount of dowry. Geraldine Forbes, and other scholars also point out that, in comparatively recent times, rising consumerism and the increasing trend to equate social status with material objects has made it attractive for prospective bridegrooms ND their families to use the dowry as a means of enriching themselves at the time of marriage by demanding expensive presents from the parents of the prospective bride.The desire for continuing to benefit materially from the parents of the bride can take the form of pressuring the bride and her family for more dowries even after marriage. (G. Forbes) To halt the practice of bride burning, a change in the perception of womens status is essential. It can be brought about by increase in the education and the equal opportunities for women. The hard earn money saved up or dowries should rather be invested in the betterment of their daughters future so that they can become and remain economically independent from their husbands or their natal families.In addition shelter homes should be constructed for victims of dowry-related violence since many women are dependent to their husbands and have no place to go. Further more, the media should use it power to publicize the problems caused by dowry and dowry-related crimes. I. E. Asia & Intel L. 277 (2008) Dowry Deaths (bride burning) in India and Abutment of Suicide A Socio-Legal Appraisal Madman, Unaligned

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