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Aristotle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Aristotle - Essay exercise modelAt that juncture, Aristotle left Platos school and went off to have other adventures as a philosopher and teacher. at long last Aristotle moved to the court of Philip of Macedonia, and became a teacher to Philips son, Alexander. Alexander would later become Alexander the Great, a military leader whose methods are still studied in military schools around the world. Aristotles play on Alexander is evidenced by how he treated his enemies and conquered peoples. Aristotle taught Alexander until he assumed the role of king at the age of 18. In Aristotles lifetime he wrote m either major works, further only 31 survive currently (IEP). Aristotles influence is world wide because his mind create the basis of schools of philosophy for 2000 years and was used to reconcile church faith to upbringing and logical system. Authors Roy Matthews, DeWitt Platt, and Thomas awful state that Aristotle had the most comprehensive mind of the ancient world. His curiosi ty and vast intellect led him into every major field of inquiry of his time, except mathematics and music (Matthews, Platt and Noble 74). Thus, Aristotles influence is wide. Schools of philosophy frameed around Aristotles ideas. ... Having an effect on the theology of a church begs the question then, how often influence did Aristotle have on faith, rather than reason, and does this influence water down Christianity? Does philosophy belong inside religion, which is supposed to be based on faith alone? During the dark ages there were some areas of light. Rulers, who would fork out to educate some of their subjects, made this light. Two outstanding educator rulers were King Alfred of England and Charlemagne, King of the Franks. European education died out when these two rulers passed from the world scene, but later a teacher, Abelard, who was affiliated with the University of Paris, would again go to Aristotles restored works to try to reconcile the church dogma with philosophy to e nd the rivalry between logic and faith. Aristotle was the bridge to achieve this peace. His logic in deconstructing an argument still is a standard and elementary concepts presented in any philosophy class. In the Poetics for example, Aristotle reasons the basic units of society and how they evolve into a state. He relates how man is a political being and gives advice about how humans need to live in a political state. These musings form some of the basis for western thought and politics that Americans use. The Founding Fathers used works of philosophy such as those of Aristotle as well as those from Enlightenment of the 1600s who were wrestling with science or reason over faith. The American founders put their faith in reason by separating church from state, as politics should non be faith based but based on logic and rationality devoid of any faith whatsoever. However, the current political field in the U. S. seems to have forgotten these basic philosophical rules when likeabl e

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