Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The meal experience Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The meal experience - Assignment Example This area houses padded stools and benches around bars and a variety of tables. Warm, gleaming natural wood paneling accents the space, along with tiffany lighting, mirrors, signs and local artifacts on the walls. Hand-written signs above the bar list current menu offerings and specials. The dining areas offer a lighter, brighter contrast to the pub lounge. One dining area presents neutral tones, tiled floors, a fireplace, and complementary dà ©cor. Brick walls lead to another area with inviting wood flooring and additional privacy resulting from stained glass dividers. If the weather permits, the beer garden at the back of the establishment offers a grill for barbecue, with picnic tables and umbrellas to allow guests to enjoy the fresh air as part of their dining experience. All areas of the establishment are clean and appear to be well-maintained. The dà ©cor, use of local artifacts, comfortable seating, and organization of the restaurant lay the foundation for an excellent dining experience. Nothing in the setting detracts from the meal; everything is complementary, and the environment invites the guests to relax and enjoy themselves. The staff of The Fatted Calf supports this invitation to relax. From the initial greeting, throughout all courses, and into the end of the meal, the staff was very patient and nice. They answered all of our questions thoroughly, were personable, and maintained an exemplary level of service that allowed us to focus on the meal. Of particular note is the head chef and co-owner, Feargal O’Donnell, who created the original menu and attended us personally throughout the meal. Chef O’Donnell explained the menu in detail, emphasizing the use of local and artisan ingredients where possible in all of the dishes in the restaurant. This practice ensures freshness, while generating good will for the establishment. Our sample menu included Donald Russell Irish

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