Monday, September 23, 2019

Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Research Paper - Essay Example els of those gases, by emitting carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels such coal, oil, and natural gas; methane and nitrous oxide produced by agricultural activities and changes in the use land use; and by some industrial gases that do not occur naturally but are long lived in the atmosphere. Emissions of poisonous gases from vehicles are also constantly polluting the air. In fact, a large proportion of harmful gases in the atmosphere are being emitted from the vehicles. With the development of civilization, the rate of transportation has also increased. Today, most of the vehicles are run by fossil fuels, like petrol, diesel, coal etc. the burning of these fuels emit hazardous gases in the atmosphere and enhances the risk of global warming. In order to protect the Universes from the curse of global warming, the immediate need is to reduce the emission of those gases that are responsible for global warming. In order to reduce emission level, the prime requirement is to discover alternative sources of energy other than fossil fuel. The vehicles, therefore also need to be run by the energy whose production does not need petrol, diesel or coal. Scientists are experimenting several alternatives to the traditional source of energy for the vehicles. Fuel cell cars are being treated by many scientists and car making company as the greener versions of the modern day cars. It is being increasingly expected that these fuel cars will be able to reduce pollution level and offer great fight against global warming. But the issue of concern is how far these expectations will be materialized in reality. A number of questions relating to fuel cell cars will be addressed in this paper including the questions like what the concept of fuel cell cars is all about? What are its advantages and dis-advantages? And will it be able to provide a strong fight against global warming? All these questions will be addressed in the following sections of this paper. Fuel cell car is a

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