Thursday, September 26, 2019

Film review Movie Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Film - Movie Review Example Here, time stopped, and life became a pursuit of pleasure. The head characters include Kenneth Branargh, Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson, Michael Keaton and Keanu Reeves, who find the right way to play out the misunderstandings, passionate love affairs, reconciliations and renunciations (film). When the movie starts, Beatrice and her friends are relaxing, when news of the arrival of Don Pedro, the Prince of Aragon (Denzel Washington), comes. He had come to spend time at Leonato’s (Richard Briers) villa. This was after squashing an uprising organized by Don John (Keanu Reeves). . For Benedick and Beatrice, they have been acquaintances for some time, and it takes their friends’ prodding to admit their feelings to each other. She is submitted to Benedick, just as he is to her. This couple is engaging, such that their differences are unnoticeable. However, for Hero and Claudio, they have an immediate attraction, love at first sight, but still have a lot know about each other. Claudio’s love then turns into loathe, but does not tell this Hero until their wedding day, when he denounces her (film). The whole production was as though Branargh sought to come with a bizarre diversion. It could be assumed that he knew the conventional comedy routines would prompt anything, apart from laughter. For the characters, Keanu Reeves is elegant and handsome and speaks his lines with authority. Just like Claudio and Hero, Beckinsale and Claudio behave with naà ¯ve genuineness, though they usually look numb at hearing the words that they speak. In general, the movie has done Shakespeare well, and it is

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