Friday, September 27, 2019

Quality Management Assessment Executive Summary Essay

Quality Management Assessment Executive Summary - Essay Example Several principles guide quality improvement efforts: client-focused care, teamwork, leadership, systems, and data. Finding a way to achieve greater value in health care delivery, the healthcare organizations are striving hard to create efficient, affordable and transparent system by reducing unnecessary costs and waste while improving patient satisfaction and outcomes. The challenges are even more daunting due to increased costs, regulatory requirements, technological innovations, burgeoning aging population, consumerism and above all society’s expectations of better clinical outcomes. The importance of quality service and quality management would not be overstating in this complex working environment with huge responsibility, wherein any failure can directly affect the life of a patient (Salman 2005). Even though, health care organizations have been lacking behind in adopting the principles of quality improvement such as total quality management employed in other sectors and industries.

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