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The Original Concept of the NHS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Original Concept of the NHS - Essay Example Also, the determinants of health will be included, i.e. age, sex, and other factors. Here the overall success of NHS will also be discussed. NHS Core Principles: As explained earlier, NHS was developed based on three core principles: a) To develop and provide health care across the UK at the same standards. b) Provide a comprehensive service covering all the health care needs c) Provide equal service to all and provide free service at point of delivery. Here the aim was to focus on the needs and not the ability of the customers to pay. As an attempt to bring about a uniform approach within the country, the organisation was focused on removing the system of mixed social insurances and went on to ensure that unlike previous years the old people, women and also children have complete coverage and their medical needs are equally tended to. This helped the organisation also cut the costs and helped in effective and efficient integration of the new medical systems approach within the count ry. Health: As defined by WHO, â€Å"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity† (WHO, 2003). Health is a major factor for all across the world. NHS has clearly realised this and has develop its statement, â€Å"Your Health, You Choices† (NHS Choices, 2011). ... In most cases the absence of diseases clearly indicates a healthy living. In the case of the biomedical model, here the focus is more on reports and vital signs like the pulse, blood pressure, and other such elements. However in the biopsychosoical model, the focus is more based on the above mentioned elements. Here the doctor focus on the psychological wellbeing of the individuals as well as stress related issues before putting the individual on to medical plans. The second method focuses on the methods that can help the individual improve their health by means of changes in behaviour and lifestyle. An excellent example here to differentiate among the two models of health is described below. In the case of a biomedical model, if a patient comes in with a chest pain, the doctors focus on the medical tests, vitals, and mainly the cause of the disease. Here the patient will be questioned for possible symptoms of myocardial infraction. However if the hospital follows a Biopsychosocial m odel, then the patient will be firstly questioned in terms of the psychological factors like possible stress, and also behavior. The decision of the possible issue will be based on the psychological factors as well as the standard tests from the labs. Main Determinants of Health: The WHO has developed three main areas that are the determinants of health. These include the social or economic environment, physical environment and the individual’s characteristics and behaviours. It is important to note here that factors like the income and social status has a major impact on the health of the individuals (Health Impact Assessment (HIA), 2011). Also lower levels of education has also been found to be a major reason for poor health and higher levels of stress and low self

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