Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Victim of Despair :: Frankenstein Mary Shelley Creative Essays

A Victim of Despair How many of you have read or heard the story of Frankenstein? I'm sure some of you may remember reading Mary Shelly's novel or watching one of the many versions of the movie.Have you ever noticed that most of the stories about Frankenstein are shown only through Victor Frankenstein's experiences? What about the monster he created? Have you ever wondered what the monster's side of the story was? Well, you're in for a big surprise because tonight on Novel News, the monster that Victor Frankenstein created will be here to share his side of the story. Let's welcome our guest, Mr. Monster. How does your story go? It was not long ago on a cold November night, that I became the product of Victor Frankenstein's discovery of "bestowing animation upon lifeless matter". Electricity engulfed my body, acrid odors surrounded my senses, and the loud shrieking of," It's Alive! It's Alive!" filled my ears. I had no recollection of who or where I was. The unfamiliar chamber from where I awoke was musty and damp. Numerous bottles and wires filled the dimly lit room. I began to walk around the room attempting to find something that looked familiar. I didn't recognize anything and as I walked I had trouble maintaining my balance, I kept slipping on a liquid substance that had spilled all over the floor. Once I regained my balance an overwhelming sense of strength rendered my body; it was a feeling that I never experienced, my arms and legs felt energized like there was an endless energy flowing through them. I looked at myself in a nearby mirror and noticed the apparent scars that covered my body and face. My arms, legs, hands, feet and face were numb and seemed like they didn't belong to me; it was almost as if someone stitched me together using numerous body parts. I asked myself as looked in the mirror," Who was this ghastly monster I was looking at in the mirror? Could it be me?" I took my hand and rubbed the scars on my face and on my arms. I was the monster in the mirror. I don't know what to say but at first I thought I was having a bad everything day - you know bad hair and skin. The yellowish tone in my skin made me look somewhat dead. I was so embarrassed by my presence, I was afraid to scare off whoever came near.

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