Monday, July 29, 2019

Islam in Higher Education in United States Research Paper

Islam in Higher Education in United States - Research Paper Example Islamophobia can be viewed as a social problem such as racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination. These types of hate-based beliefs are created from ignorance of other cultures primarily, and should be unacceptable as a practice in higher education. Multicultural education can promote tolerance in the campus community through diversity awareness. An effective approach to combat Islamophobia is addressed through a platform that teaches the diversity of all world religions and not just Islam alone. Believers from every faith should be part of this process. A plan that can be implemented across campus by educators in existing classes is more likely to have a widespread impact than a voluntary program. The individuals targeted most by the need for the information will likely be least likely to attend a voluntary program. Nevertheless, all learning is voluntary, and rather than promote division the plan seeks to build a textbook and video that can be used in classes displaying the diversity in unity of religious belief and practice worldwide. This inter-religious approach was favored over a unilateral approach to combating religious discrimination against Muslims, as it fits with the broader principles of tolerance and multiculturalism on campus. Application to Practice: The responsibility of this plan is to prepare the organization for the construction of publications and multi-media resources, including pamphlets, hand-outs, video, and ultimately a textbook that can be used by educators in already existing classes. Individuals can be encouraged to learn more about religion and spirituality through an intercultural framework that includes textbook, video, and other course materials in the plan. The video and textbook will both be prepared by committees of experts in the field, professional academics, who will both contribute essays on their faith and also video interviews for the project. Volunteers will assist with editing and producing this. The final vers ion should include a textbook with representative background on the main beliefs of all the world religions, as well as the rituals and practices that distinguish them. These would be reinforced with principles of multiculturalism teaching the importance of tolerance through mutual understanding of ideas. Sources Cited: Bauer, Anne M. & Kroeger, Stephen D. (2004). Exploring Diversity: A Video Case Approach. Pearson Higher Education, 2004. Gollnick, Donna & Chinn, M. Philip (2009). Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society, 8the Edition. Pearson Higher Education, 2009. Islam in Higher Education in United States Topic: Exploring a Diversity Plan for Culturally Responsive Teaching Submitted by: Class: Date: April 12th, 2011 Part I. Research Paper: Exploring Diversity Part I - Abstract: Islam as a religion dates to the year 610 A.D. when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began to receive the revelation of prophecy recorded in the Quran. During the course of history, the religion has sp read throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas to create distinct social and cultural institutions that have contributed to world heritage in many important ways. Islam as lived and practiced historically by people all over the

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