Friday, July 19, 2019

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â€Å"Lets go smoke some weed man† now when that question gets asked to you, you might have to say no. Why is that? You think of the consequences that could come to you if you do it and get caught. As of now pot is illegal and most parents don’t accept there kid smoking weed. So in this paper I will tell you why pot should be legal. I will also give some things that have been said negative and I will disprove them. I will also discuss about hemp, what marijuana is and where it comes from. Also as you are reading this I will use two other names for marijuana these are pot and weed. If you smoke pot you will get high. Pot can do other things for you other then just get you high, you can benefit from marijuana . Pot comes from an all natural plant. Using marijuana and the growing of hemp (ingredient in marijuana making) are illegal in the US. Pot can be used for just the enjoyment of being high and feeling very relaxed. It also can be used as medicine which is legal and other things which I will discuss later. As for hemp it can be used for things like necklaces which you all have seen most likely. Hemp is sold all over the world. It is sold so often because of the things you can make with it. So why is weed illegal in the US. People just use it to feel more relaxed and in a calmer state of mind. Tobacco and alcohol are both used for the same reasons, but with many more negative side effects than pot. Tobacco and alcohol can create cancer and other things to harm you body. In many people alcohol brings out the worst of them. This usually happens when someone becomes an alcoholic. Many people become violent when they hit this point. In Maxim it said that more then seventy million Americans have smoked marijuana at some point in their lives. If you think about that statistic it isn’t hard to believe. At least for me because most people I know have at least tried it and that also includes older people like adults. Pot really has no true affects that will really harm you. I have never heard of any deaths caused by pot. Have you ever heard on the news that man died from an overdose of marijuana? I know I haven’t. Now think of how many deaths come from tobacco and alcohol about a half million. That is only deaths that doesn’t say how many people have lip cancer and things that aren’t going to kill them. People say marijuana is addicting, but marijuana is not an addict... ...ed to you as much. I know if I am at a party or just out I usually have people come up to me and ask if I want to by any weed. I do think it might make more people try it because they won’t worry about getting in trouble. I also think though that there isn’t a big thing if someone try’s it at least there trying it on there own free will and not being pressured. I also think that right now people use a drug like pot to rebel against there parents. Now I don’t think that it would be rebellion if it were legal. If that were so people would rebel against there parents by chewing come or eating a hamburger. So in conclusion why do we have this drug still being illegal. Pot has many positive effects which I discussed during this paper. Think of the things that would be better if pot was just legal and sold over the counter. Think how much cigarettes get sold I think pot would be sold twice as much and for more money. We should help are selves and let the kids get high and have are cops stop harassing these people, and find something that is hurting someone. People aren’t getting hurt from smoking some natural green weed. So everyone fight for your right to get high and have a good time.

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