Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summa Theologica Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Summa Theologica - Essay Example Second evidence of the existence of God is based on the concept of efficient cause which means that one thing can only cause change to another. This will result in a chain of questioning the first cause, thus, the existence of God is the answer. The third evidence that Aquinas presented is also based on the chain of causes. According to him, one thing owes existence to another which is based on the view of â€Å"possibility and necessity.† This means that an object’s existence is based on pre-existing things. He argued that all things exist due to a certain need by another and only God exists for His own reason (Aquinas, 1996; Kretzmann and Stump, 1993). These three proofs can be contradicted by most contemporary theories of the existence of things. But in this case Aquinas is theorizing the existence of God through scientific views. Faith is the main evidence in the existence of God since he is the first mover, the first cause and the one who exists based on his own reason. Aquinas’s views on the existence of God though had been refuted by most philosophers specifically in the rise of the concepts of evolution and intelligent design. Basically evolution is the scientific view of the existence of the different entities, both living and non-living in the world as advocated by Charles Darwin. This is the main contradicting view against the religious views of creation. On the other hand, through the continuous study of the said issue, the rise of the concept of intelligent design occurred which is known to be the bridge between the two concepts. It falls between the two concepts. It in fact intersects the two fields of study, sc ience and theology. Based on the said view, the universe existed due to intelligent causes such as natural selection. Thus, it unites the two views (Dembski, 2002). Although, experts from both sides are questioning the said view, the message of unity can be considered as an important merit. Other philosophers such

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