Sunday, June 9, 2019

Trip to the Museum of Brands Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Trip to the Museum of Brands - Essay ExampleI will concisely examine the past and accepted campaigns of Coca-Cola in order to reinforce its connection with its brand communication strategy. Given the massive popularity and influence of Coca-Cola, it can be claimed that the brand ultimately stands for fun, freedom and refreshment. Its nidus on imparting the benefits of strong familial bond, as well as the advantages of having genuine social relationships have elevated the value of the brand from mere operating(a) to emotional. Drinking Coke does not only mean consuming a beverage, but also adhering to what the brand stands for. Firstly, Cokes trademark cursive hand logo was in 1886 by Frank M. Robinson. As later on claimed by Robinson, the use of two Cs in the logo will protagonist the product stand out from its competition. Since the same logo has remained for the past 120 years, it is estimated to cost $67 billion. Introduction Visiting the Museum of Brands has truly helped me understand the role of mark in not only furthering business growth, but also in influencing peoples lives. For this constitution, I would like to critically analyze Coca-Cola as a brand. In this regard, I shall first provide a brief background on what I deem the overall branding strategy of Coca-Cola is, To provide a short outline of this report, I wish to start with a brief review of what branding is and how it relates to owning a specific image in the consumers minds. Then, I shall discuss the brands that struck my interest during the trip to the Museum of Brands. After this, I will conclude this report by sharing my insights on my experience. Branding, as Stine (2010) highlighted in his paper entitled The Nine Principles of Branding, is essentially about communicating the unique differentiation of one product in relation to its competitors. Through the proper combining of striking statements and creative visuals, branding is able to elevate the relevance of the highlighted prod uct in the daily lives of the consumers.

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