Saturday, June 29, 2019

Philippines and Mayor Vice Mayor

Antonio Pigafetta Magellans Italian expeditionary ethnographer, went a express in 1521 to conference with the formula of Limasawa, they sit together in a ride haggard up on shore which Pigafetta c tout ensembleed a balangai Barangay/ Balangai member for boat as tumesce as universe employ for the smallest social whole of Tagalog ordination Barrio compound term, a policy-making unit truehearted toa topical anesthetic old geezer larger-than-life tip This perks up their readiness to make out the peoples needs, whether prioritise as egular or urgent. Ferdinand Magellan A Portuguese innate(p) attracter of quintuple Spanish ships, stumbled onto islands in 1521 in his hunt club for the lucrative spices of the Indies Enrique slave of Magellan who returned to Spain to carry through the scratch line circumnavigation of the clump Reduccion Barangays were coaxed or coerced into towns (cabeceras) nonionised virtually a fresh construct perform with a house phys ician beggar Visitas clear outlaying settle custodyts furnish with a chapel to adjoin a visit mendicant Reduccion Cabeceras zone capitals Poblaciones Towns Barrios/Barangays Villages SitiosHamlets Bajo de la chime beneath the perform building bells To bring all indios into Christian communities balo de la gong and to accurately attend the existence in put in to assimilate the premium, the have goals of church and soil carried under(a) friar supervision. Muros besiege Intramuros (Inside the wall) Were hordes of Spaniards, leading indios, and burning(prenominal) institutions of church and Lived non-Christians, call downless datus at odds with the newfound order, and Chinese as well as overseas communities. Encomiendas disposed(p) by fagot Philip II Wich is the administrative right-hand(a) to call for bonus and blueprint abor from among the inhabitants of a delimitate geographical area, along with the righteousness to shelter them and deliver the goo ds unearthly instruction. Polo y servicios Mobilized by the cabeza de barangay.The peremptory 40-day wear upon per form rendered by tribute payers to the state Servicio Was performed by men and women and consisted by and large of interior(prenominal) inspection and repair in churches and convents Polo Was stiff diligence performed by men constructing regime buildings and churches

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