Thursday, June 13, 2019

Design Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Design Thinking - Essay Examplertaking an active uptake of the aspiration-thinking concept in order to instill these skills among the students so that by the time they graduate from school, they are already qualified experts and professionals in the field (Cox and Rigby, 2013).Design thinking incorporates a high level of creativity and innovation in an struggle to bring solutions to modern day problems, or come up with new products and services that bring about a transformative change to the world. A company that employs design thinking in its products and services ends up gaining a competitive edge over other industry players as it produces products knowing to meet the tastes and preferences of its target customers. On the other hand, it also instills into the product an element of surprise thereby taking the market by storm once launched or introduced into the market sphere. A inviolable example of a company that incorporates design thinking in the development of its products and services is the Apple Technologies.Design thinking is the key driver of success bottom of the inning the massive profitability and success recorded by the apple corporation. Other cases of successful application of design thinking is the reason for the reduction of the rates of undernourishment among the children in Vietnam, which reduced by half after application of the concept in the management of childrens health and nutrition. The process of design thinking incorporates a number of steps and procedures. The first step is immersion, which is the process of gaining a clearer understanding of the aspect at hand that requires intervention. The second step is the ideation stage, which incorporates creation of a conjectural solution to suit a given situation or to solve a given problem. The third stage of prototyping, a procedure that entails testing the designed solution, product or service to the targeted problem, audience, market, or consumers to see whether it works or not, such as bringing about the solution for the problem. The fourth

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