Saturday, June 15, 2019

Business Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Business Environment - Essay ExampleThis paper approves that the general world(prenominal) market analysis has regarded India as efficient and effective investment location for the United Kingdom. Previously the higher level of the tariffs imposed by the respective governments on the list of the selected imports and exports item was responsible for the drastic reduction in the volume of the bilateral trade, but sooner it was realized that India is to be considered as a diverse land which has different flavors to offer. The nature of the trade relationship maintained between both the countries should focus more upon the non-popular items the exchange of the common items is expected to severe push the economy of the each country. This essay makes a conclusion that certain gray areas have been identified, and it is expected that the government of United Kingdom will take well-disposed measures, in exchange for the timely departure and arrival of goods. Considering the example of the Felixstowe which is considered to be the largest port of the country, the port has been used by more than fifteen shipping companies, unfortunately the heavy congestion and failed traffic system has jeopardized the interests of the traders, who always uncertainty of the timely arrival. It is therefore essential for the United Kingdom to offer regular and efficient sense modality for communication, and ensure that the rights of the local and foreign traders are protected, the exploration of efficient and effective modes of transport is essential because India is efficient and reliable gateways through which the country conduct a fluid system of trade.

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