Thursday, June 20, 2019

A System Approach To Small Group Interaction Essay

A System Approach To Small Group Interaction - Essay ExampleIt is essential for group members to communicate openly and freely with all the other group members. Once that in place the group leave be able to develop norms or so matters to be discussed and members will be in a position to develop rules which will intern affect the group interaction. There must be a common goal or purpose being pursued, and they must work together to achieve that goal. This is because the goal will bring the group together and will hold it through tensions and conflict moments (Stewart, 162). Sharing of ideas is very important since one is able to learn new things and expound on his or her knowledge as well as making appropriate decisions that are wisely discussed for the benefit of the organization.Communication is a very complex ongoing process that brings people into jot globally. Often, it is perceived as a straight forward exchange of massages between the speaker and the listener, i.e. the most important channel of passing training. There are several(a) types of communication and social factors that influence the entire process. Some of them are Intentional and unintentional, verbal and nonverbal, defensive and supportive among others (Stewart, 164). Most people would prefer to receive information that is cognitive with their personal indulgent as opposed to cognitive dissonance which is totally inconsistent to ones understanding of the ideas.Groups can either be big or small depending on the task bestowed on it as well as the nature of the organization that formed such a group. For both group to be more productive and achieve its objective, it is very important that all members work jointly, rather than being independent (Stewart, 168). Despite having different backgrounds, personalities, values, thoughts, and knowledge, it is bump for everyone to make sure that he or she makes a significant contribution to the group. A well-structured group aimed at achieving its go al should be able to allow its members to fathom their opinions and mind without undermining or criticizing their opinions.

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