Friday, October 18, 2019

Video games Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Video games - Research Paper Example Based on changing trends among children it is also evident that video games have replaced traditional physical games that were common some years back. Initially, there was a common stereotype that as compared to women, men had dominated in the consumption of video games. Today, the number of women who play these games is almost equal to that of men. As time goes by, video games continue to evolve and advance hence attracting the interest of the media. Since many people have been attracted to this form of entertainment, the term ‘gamer’ is commonly being used by the media to refer to people who play video games. Media has played a significant role in shaping public perception on video games. Media has contributed to popularizing video games to a large extent because almost everyone is talking about the new games in the market. Prominence received by games such as Doom and Grand Theft Auto can be attributed to media coverage. As a result, many people have been attracted to this form of entertainment hence leading to a tremendous growth of the video game industry. Developing and selling new games that meet various demands of consumers has become a thriving business. In recent times, manufacturers are facing stiff competition from different players in the industry. This has forced them to make improvements to existing games and develop new ones. Examples of transformations that have occurred include the introduction of 3D games alongside the improvement of digital quality of sound and images. In regard to this matter, media coverage has shaped the public debate by raising the question of how much revenue governments generate from the sale of video games. Evidence from medi a sources indicates that in 2014, revenue from video games in the United States alone had amounted to approximately 886 million dollars. This figure has since risen (Statista 1). Imagine how much the government would lose if video games were to be banned. Through the media,

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