Sunday, October 6, 2019

Christianity versus Judaism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Christianity versus Judaism - Essay Example The relationship between Christianity and Judaism is that they have had strains for over two thousand years of history before the coming of Jesus. Christians accused the Jews of refusing Christ Jesus as their Messiah, and on the other hand, the Jews accused Christians of interfering with the aspect of one God by emphasizing on Jesus. (Dietrich pg 150) The Jews believed that the expected Messiah will be like any other person; his mother l conceive like any woman and he will be born like any other human. He will not be empowered with supernatural powers. Christians claim that Jesus had no father and was born from a virgin who conceived through the Holy Spirit. The Jews claim that Jesus failed to observe the Torah; they had great faith in the expected Messiah and they hoped that the Messiah will guide them in following and observing the laws. It states that all mitzvoth (commandments) will never be altered, and whoever attempts to change it is viewed as a false prophet (Deut 13:1-4). In some cases in the New Testament, Jesus went contrary to the Torah and claimed that the commandments are not applicable. For instance, John 9:14 documents that Jesus violated the Sabbath by making a paste. Apart from all the other existing religious groups, only the Jews believe is solely based on national revelation. They believe that God will speak to the whole nation. They claim that if God intends to start a religion, therefore he will tell everyone but not only one person. Judaism does not rely on miraculous claims as their religious basis. (Neusner pg 201) The Jews claim that Jesus was not a prophet, they believe that prophecy can exist in Israel alone when the majority of the world is inhibited by Jewry.  

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