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The Judicial System in the Bahamas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Judicial System in the Bahamas - Essay Example (March 14, 2010) Among the causal factors of this situation that is pointed out is the country’s problem with its bail system. Many law enforcers and prosecutors have admitted that unless rules in bail are amended, even the suspects of heinous crimes can easily avoid being jailed or even prosecution. Attorney General John Delaney had â€Å"acknowledged that a growing number of people on bail are allegedly committing other crimes.† (Rolle) He said this while he was batting for the amendment of the Bail Act. Among the proposed amendments are the restrictions of the right to bail of those suspects of heinous crimes as well as those that have been repeat offenders. Certain sectors in Bahamian society and some lawmakers, however, have expressed opposition to the move to amend the Bail Act in favor of more restrictive options. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, for his part, believed that the proposed amendment is valid and urgent. In an article in the Bahamas Post, he said that some believe â€Å"that bail is a right and that there is nothing we can do to prevent persons from being placed on bail.† (May 26, 2010) The Prime Minister, however, vehemently considers this idea as very wrong. Nevertheless, the motion for amending the Bail Act has ignited a new debate within Bahamian society. This author, however, believes that the Bail Act must indeed be adapted to the current situation. In particular, its provisions on repeat offenders should be changed in order to ensure that they will no longer be able to easily apply for bail. One of the three main points related to this argument is that the soft nature of the Bail Act is no longer suitable to the worsening crime situation in the country. The Bail Act’s leniency was appropriate only during that time when Bahamian society was not yet beset with crime. It is logical that it be amended because laws are supposed to be changed or repealed when these are no longer applicable to current

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