Monday, October 7, 2019

Giza Pyramids Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Giza Pyramids - Essay Example Theories of aliens having built the pyramids at Giza are far-fetched and have not been proved to date. These theories are sometimes advanced by well-known archaeologists like Abdel Gallad, but their theories often are based on conjectures and guesses that are unable to stand the test of rigorous academic work by other historians (Todd, 1993). They are often inspired by the sensational nature of researches that surround the pyramids and the conspiracy theories that surround them, accompanied by talk of the power of the dead pharaoh, which has been well-documented in popular culture through films and stories. There are however, theories that talk of the creation of the pyramids by human hands. Prominent among these is the theory that is put forward by Joseph Davidovits and Margie Morris, who talk of how the very idea of huge rocks having been hauled up could be wrong. They discuss the possibility of slurry being carried up to the heights of the pyramid and then poured into parts of it where it would solidify into the shape that was desirable. This theory tries to address the difficulty of lifting rocks to the incredible heights that the pyramids were constructed at (Morris, 1988). Andrzej Bochnacki proposes another theory that tries to explain the mystery of the pyramids.

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