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Unseen Commentary Essay Example for Free

Unseen Commentary Essay emeritus mother and her mother-in-law have a poor kind as they are unable to communicate with each other well. aged mothers mother-in-law felt up that doddering generate was incapable of giving birth to males. hence overaged start outs mother-in-law deemed Old gravel as one who was infertile and unable to produce any male children to the family. Therefore display that Old Mothers mother-in-law looked down upon Old Mother as she did not have a lot confidence in Old Mother to achieve her mother-in-laws expectations of a daughter-in-law. Old Mother calls her mother-in-law as the grey-headed haughty one. This implies that Old Mothers mother-in-law was imperative. Thus to call someone arrogant shows that the person is proud and snooty, therefore difficult to maintain a legal relationship as Old Mothers mother-in-law despises old Mother. Old Mother also describes her mother-in-law as one with a deadly tongue. This shows that her mother-in-law oft en criticises Old mother and often, these criticism are hurtful. Hence, it is difficult to maintain a good relationship when there is constant criticism of each other and lack of respect for one another.Old mother and her babe-in-law have a strained relationship as they are faced with the competition of creation the ideal daughter-in-law with the best children. Old Mother experienced bitter humiliation from her sister-in-law. Thus Old Mother was embarrassed by sister-in-law as they both were competing for their other-in-laws favour by having the wellnessiest sons. This shows that through the competition ming lead with the two, Old Mothers sister-in-law had done some things to purposely disgrace Old Mother olibanum straining their relationship.Also, Old Mother describes her sister-in-law to be as spiteful as a snake. This shows that sister-in-law as mean to Old Mother and was unpleasant towards Old Mother. Thus sho get throughg the stiff competition in the family to produce healt hy sons in which caused Old Mother and her sister-in-law to be mean to each other. Also, Old Mother made many similes amidst her sons and the sons of her sister-in-laws. One comparison made was that Old mothers triad sons were healthy boys slice her sister-in-laws son was a sickly puny one. Therefore the rivalry between old mother and her sister-in-law had resulted in a strained relationship.The relationship between Old Mother mother-in-law and sister -in-law is similar to that of old Mother and her mother-in-law. But here, mother-in-law is less pleased with sister-in-laws son who was thin and small. Mother-in-law communicate sharply to endorse sister-in-law as her son was small. This shows that mother-in-law was unsatisfied with Second sister-in-law for giving birth to such an colicky child. When mother-in-law compared Old Mothers son with Second sister-in-laws son, she clucked her tongue in disapproval. Thus shows that mother-in-law is disappointed that Second sister-in-law did not raise her son to be healthy. Thus resulting in mother-in-law to despise Second sister-in-law and criticising her. Also, Second sister-in-law became silent with resentment. This shows that Second sister-in-law is offended by mother-in-laws comparison of old Mothers and her sons. Thus with anger boiling up in Second sister-in-law, she is unable to maintain a good relationship with mother-in-law as it would always lead to the comparison of the sons.ii.Old Mother is competitive and loves to win which creates a sense of intimidation in the readers. Old Mother let out a exultant chuckle when she remembered how her son was much better than Second sister-in-laws. Old Mother had made a comparison between Second sister-in-laws son who was older than Old Mothers second son but was only(prenominal) half the size. Old mother was glad and had felt that she had victory over Second sister-in-law. Hus showing how victorious can bring about pride to Old Mother, hence old mother is compe titive and delights in winning. Old Mother chuckled in malicious triumph when Second sister-in-laws son was criticised by mother-in-law while Old mother was praised for taking good care of her son. Thus old Mother was competitive and was gleeful that mother-in-law was in her favour. But Old Mothers triumph was malicious, which was hateful thus creating a sense of intimidation as Old Mothers aggressiveness is revealed. Old Mother kept recollecting the old of her winning Second second-sister-in-law and when mother-in-law was pleased with her.Old Mothers health is ailing as her health had deteriorated over the years. Old Mothers was once robust but now she is resting in a hospital. This shows that old Mother was not as healthy and strong as she used to be. Thus she postulate the help of nurses to take care of her so that she could be comfortable. Old Mother had shrunk pitiably shows that she became very creaky and her health had worsened a lot and she had shrivelled up to a pitiful sate. Thus showing that old mother has lost her health and most probably had contracted a disease which led to her being shrunk to such a state. Old Mother was not in pain as she be in the hospital. This shows that old Mother is not feeling any pain as her health is get worse. But it may also imply that Old Mother was in pain previously in the first place entering the hospital.The writer used repetition to convey the feelings and impressions of Old Mother to me. The repeated use of the old haughty one to describe mother-in-law by Old Mother shows how much Old Mother despises mother-in-laws criticism towards her. The criticism by mother-in-law had caused old Mother to be motivated to bear healthy sons into the family so that it would please mother-in-law. Thus, by pleasing mother-in-law of producing three healthy sons, Old Mother has won her competition against mother-in-law. Old mother also repeatedly remembers the times whereby mother-in-law compares her children with that of Se cond sister-in-laws. These comparisons shows old Mothers competitiveness as she feels the pride of winning Second sister-in-law by having the more ideal grandson.

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