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Discuss the Importance of Dreams in Of Mice and Men Essay Example for Free

Discuss the Importance of Dreams in Of Mice and Men EssayThe loudness Of Mice and Men was published in September, 1937 and was set in the depression of the thirties in atomic number 20 at the location of Soledad. Steinbeck uses Soledad because it translates as loneliness which arises the point that the time in which this book was set was a time of loneliness where it was very unusual to have a companion or family with you which led to the existence of dreams to view forward to much pleasant and happier times. At this time 1930s the States, closely Americans had the so-called American Dream. This was to accept their own piece of land as well as macrocosm the boss of it.This was the common dream amongst bed cover deformers to have something to live for and aid them with their loneliness. The dream came into existence in the 1800s when land was more readily available. By the 1930s, when this novella was set, it was almost impossible to make their dreams a humanity due to t he 1929 Wall Street stock market collapse which had resulted in prices increasing drastically, and more significantly there was a desperate act of poverty making people sell what they had and live on the streets.This is what led to the rugged individualism of each person. As well as this, it was made even more difficult as most land had been bought beforehand. It is due to the Wall Street Crash that many went to atomic number 20 for bleed. President Roosevelt at that time had the job of directing workers such as George and Lennie to ranches or farms where there was work. Steinbeck uses Lennie and George to live the dream of the migrant worker own their own land on with giving the opportunity to bury in the promised land (California).Migrant workers are labourers who work on ranches as harvesters involving lifting heavy materials hard work for little wages. They have no family or friends as they continuously travel to different ranches in California in order to keep work. Thi s is how workers had to get jobs and was the way of life for migrant workers. In relation to this, work card were important as it gave them a work permit which ranch owners required when recruiting. In equality to modern day working conditions, workers such as George and Lennie would not receive holidays, sickness payments or obsolescent age pensions from their ranch. Therefore, futures for most men looked bleak. Without dreams, no-one would have reason to keep departure. An example of this is Lennie wanting his own animals in the future to pamper.There is symbolism within the book that refers to the Garden of Eden. He sets the scene of this by victimization description such as Willows fresh and green with forevery spring which could be interpreted as referring to the Garden of Eden. I believe Steinbeck is trying to put across the imperfectness of humans along with come-on and results of doing a bad thing (said by Lennie). Lennie shows that temptation causes him to lose his wa y and represents the imperfection of humans. His desire to pet soft objects without foreseeing the consequences puts him on a collision course with others. Also, the girl in Weed and Curleys wife are both temptations that made his curiosity grow and he could not resist. Curleys wife could be seen as the snake in the garden a liar, a temptation, a manipulator of men to get her way.Like Eve, she is curious, in this case about Lennie. Her actions are innocent but the outcomes are bad, (telling Lennie to touch her soft hair in the barn which leads to her death) just as Eves actions caused them and human universes to be sent of the perfect place. Curleys wifes actions tempt Lennie whose actions cause him along with the others to lose their dream of a little farm. Lastly, Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden for going against God therefore mankind is in loneliness and wandering. Steinbeck shows this when George asks who used to live on his bunk with glass replying that he had just left gimme my time one might like any guy would. aft(prenominal) this, George then brings Lennie along which creates suspicion because two men didnt travel together Hardly none of the guys ever travel together.There was a big contrast in the timeless rural vision of America and what was to all but end this the 1930s Depression. The vision was that workers will move up the ranks of working to finally own their individual land however this would never be when the 1930s Depression occurred. There was a big drop in every economic growth along with very high unemployment. It overly resulted in countries leaving the gold standard in order to recover. These reasons helped the American Dream to not be a successful one for so many. Steinbeck is effective and does well to imply that there is another military man other then the perfect one that was envisaged by everyone by saying beaten hard by the boys coming down from the ranches and beaten hard by tramps who come wearily down from the highw ay. Words such as beaten hard and tramps suggest this other world and show the stark contrast among dreams and reality.The main characters include George, who is a small, quick man with well-defined features. He is a migrant ranch worker who dreams of one day saving enough money to buy his own place and being his own boss, many men in the Depression dreamed of this. His only set back is his mentally handicapped friend Lennie whom he travels with and has been since he promised Lennies Aunt Clara he would look after him after she died. feeling after Lennie stops George from working towards his dream and even prevent him from having a normal life of a rancher, because of this, George and Lennie regularly fight. George yearns for companionship as can be told by the metaphor of him playing solitaire.The tension of having to look after Lennie and himself shows in George and he shows a wide variety of emotions during the novella, from anger to patience to sadness. Lennie is mentally slow , hes enormous. He is Georges companion and he is the source of the all the novels conflict. He is Georges opposite both mentally and physically.Lennies innocence and helplessness, his callow actions, such is his desire to pet soft things makes him likeable to the readers of the novella. George and Lennies dream is more materialistic than to just own land and be their own boss, as they envision a place where nobody gona get price nor steal from them. The friendship between the two is firmly rooted in their dream. Candy and Crooks along with others are also caught up in the dream. Curlys wife also had a dream which was to become a picture show star. But in one way or another, all the dreams of these workers are smashed.

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