Sunday, April 28, 2019

Project Entpreneurship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

pick up Entpreneurship - Essay Examplethither are umpteen cases of teen motherhood on more than one occasion (Anand 2011, para. 1). We could refer many studies and surveys conducted around the western countries regarding teen pregnancy. It would certainly prove that teenage pregnancies are increasing as well up as abortions too. In developing countries it is related with tike marriages, but in western countries it is related with forwards marriage sex relations. So in order to interrupt this, certain measures should be taken and fulfiled. So we planned to conduct a campaign in NHS Bedfordshire. NHS Bedfordshire schools are part of healthy school programs and they energise taken many measures to ensure the health of young people. They already have a teenage pregnancy unit, known as Bedfordshire teenage pregnancy unit. So our plan is to conduct a campaign in Bedfordshire campuses in order to create strong awareness against teenage pregnancy and to prevent it. Business Project The current business project that we are aiming at is the unhomogeneous kinds of ways to effectively plan and implement the planning programme. The planning program, in this context, is the news on an illegal activity namely the teenage pregnancy. ... The discussion on the campaign is mainly aiming to create the awareness on the teenagers, especially the boys with the main intention of eradicating teenage pregnancy. Various methods are identified for the reduction of the teenage pregnancy, but before that there are various problems identified and they have to beclearly understood and steps have to be taken therefore for reducing teenage pregnancy. The main problem found behind teenage pregnancy was the single parenting floriculture in the UK country. The single parenting of the children may lead to the various adverse effects on the behavior of the child and they may lead to the various mal practices like the usage of the drugs, alcohol and prone to various kinds of syndromes, w hich lead to the propelling life styles and culture. The main reasons for a teenager falling into certain kinds of acts are due to the non-controlling of them and they doesnt non find adequate time for successful parenting. The various kinds of abstinence approach can help the children in reducing the teenage pregnancy. We should be able to educate the teenaged children about those approaches accordingly and should give prissy guidance on sex issues prevailing in the country and the after effects of those actions. Sex instruction should be made compulsory among the teenagers and they should be given complete advices and suggestions on preventing teenage pregnancy and to prevent themselves from any kind of the abuse. A proper counseling should be given to children as well as the parents about how to prevent pregnancy. Sexual education should be given priority and use of contraception methods should be conveyed to the teenagers and to the parents for proper behaving. Volunteering and various legal aids should be imposed to the teenage

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