Monday, April 29, 2019

Organisations & people management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Organisations & people management - seek ExampleIt nookie be seen that leadership is an indispensable component in the day to day trading operations of an organisation and plays a vital role in guiding the organisations through the turbulent periods. One of the major(ip) issues brought about by change is resistance to change which is a natural phenomenon but if it is ignored, it can stick out progress in the organisation which is why leadership is of paramount importance to any organisation that is skilful about its growth and development.In most cases, the way in which organisations respond to new challenges they face in their operations is a true reflection of the values, attitudes as well as the styles of the leaders. It is therefore imperative that leaders embrace attitudes and behaviour that are compatible with the situation obtaining on the ground at that particular chip in order to keep pace with the changes that may be taking dedicate in the environment. It can also b e seen that leadership is not an exclusive domain of the chief executive officer or the charismatic leader but in one way or the other, each one of us can find himself in a leadership position. It is also concerned with people management and factors that make up behaviour in an organisation. Though leadership is often confused with management, a holistic approach is ought to be taken as far as managing change in the organisations is concerned. Failure to put in place measures that are meant to ensure that the organisation positively responds to the changes taking place in the environment may egress in unfavourable conditions to the organisation emerging.Against this background, this essay seeks to critically identify and evaluate the major influences on leadership styles and approach on the operations of Google. The essay will begin by giving a very(prenominal) brief description of the organisation in question which will be followed by explaining different primal concepts such a s leadership, leadership styles as well as management and the extent to which these

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