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Physical Security †Essay Essay

In the United States constantlyyone is concerned ab out(a) safety in their blank spaces and in his or her workplace. Individuals go to great lengths to ensure that all their possessions that they own could non be stolen from them. According to the 1999 FBI Uniform Crime Reports, nationwide 408,217 robberies were committed with the estimated add of losses being reported at $508 million in losses. some measures fuck be put in place to proceed such losses. This paper will discuss fleshly earnest and other components such as building security department, makes security, glide slope control systems, perimeter security, development systems, and technology security. somatogenetic protective coveringAccording to Search Security (2011), Physical security is Physical security is the safeguard of individualnel, hardw atomic number 18, programs, networks, and data from physical chance and events that could cause serious losses or malign to an give inprise, agency, or institu tion. This includes protection from fire, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism, and terrorism. Physical security rouse be described as measures taken to prevent and to deter intruders or attackers from understanding entrance to facilities, resources, or discipline stored on physical media. Physical security in addition provides guidance on ways to design structures to resist various hostile acts. As physical security can pay seemed to be this elaborate task, but can be a simple act of locking a home or business door and non given an easy door to an intruder. To keep individuals, families, or employees safe one has to think about the things that be important to them and the things one also wants to protect.Ground SecurityGround security can be looked at as ways to protect lands al well-nigh airports. Since September 11, 2001, airports allow gone through many changes to ensure that their passengers are safe and all bags and equipment are safe before the leave the ground and enter the airplane. Before that tragic event there were no study security measures in place except screenings but tidy sum could erect come and go as they please. As a result of the hijackings security wasbeefed up tremendously. Passengers are screened more closely. People are not allowed to maintain liquids into the airport and not like before only passengers with boarding passes may enter the terminal. According to USAToday reporter Blake Morrison (2002), Flight attendants report that many ground workers such as airport mechanics, caterers and ramp workers still have introduction to planes without going through any checkpoints as long as the have their swipe cards.Access Control SystemsAccess control systems are super used at most businesses to keep unauthorised people out of places they do not belong. Access control systems are thought of as electronic card readers were badges are needed to unlock a doors, lets individuals gain access to an elevator, or garage . Access control systems also can be as simple as possessing a security guard to bust people from entering a accepted area. there are levels of access controls there is the basic system that allows systems to respond to a pin or a card number, there is an talented system that controls access to doors locks and also has the capability to store breeding.The most common breach of this system is that people allow individuals without badges to slip in behind them. For example, nowadays many apartment building or condo complexes have main entrances were they must badge in or have a key to unlock the door. There is always person waiting at the door to gain entry, and most people will bonnie open the door and let him or her in never thinking that this person should not have access. The person who is let in could be an intruder there to do harm. For this mindableness many companies/residence complexes stress that authorize users should not let anyone enter unless he or she have fol lowed the appropriate procedure for visitors.Access cards have been proven to have some vulnerability. Hackers are very intelligent and have found ways to copy the cards information. Hackers have get down so accomplished that they have created portable readers t hat can capture the card number. No security method can ever be listed as 100% effective.Perimeter SecurityPerimeter Security can be described as a boundary that separates an area from the rest of the world. The purpose of the perimeter security is to deter,detect, delay and deny unauthorized access to a perimeter without the owners consent to distract theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts. Many things are used to prevent individual from gaining access to his or her property. Fences or gates are impregnable starting points to protect property. Gates that are high enough and locked keeps intruders out. other line of defense is security lights. Having an area with good light source is decisive to a security system beca use people are less apparent to commit a crime in a place if they spirit they can be seen by someone. Most criminals look for an area that does not have good illumination and is away from by passers. Good lights rough a home and an area not hidden by overgrow trees and shrubs provides some protection.Lighting can protect a home or a business from intruder because it provides trickery. Many homes have installed motion sensor lights that come on when someone walks or moves in a certain perimeter around his or her home or business. If the intruder were to do off the sensor and lights come on they will most believably run away as they are not sure if someone is watching either from the home he or she is intruding or from the neighbors house. Criminals are also deterred from homes or businesses with outside lighting because they think that if you took the time to install good lighting, this home also has the potency of having an alarm system. Also if it is a business that is being intruded good lighting also helps the use security cameras, if the lighting is good clearer images could be captured. development Systems and Technology SecurityInformation security means protecting information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording, or destruction. Most companies and homes have intrusion undercover work systems on their computers. Intrusion detection systems allow companies to monitor unwanted attempts to gain access to their systems. According to Webopedia (2010) these detection devices allow managers to see all activity inbound and outgoing. Intrusion detection is important to keep information systems safe from hackers, dissatisfy employees, and others who may want to cause the company trouble or damage their IT systems. Safety Net uses a Reactive Intrusion detective work system. The reason the passive system is used because it logs all activities and then sounds an alert.A labile system not onlyl ogs the traffic and laughable use then alerts administrators, but it also logs off a user after suspicious activity is detected (Net Security, 2010). Safety Net feels the passive method is just not protective enough in monitoring suspicious activity. Allowing managers to cheat who has conducted such activity is great but Reactive stops the activity. The detection system utilized by Safety Net is a emcee Intrusion Detection System rather than the Network Intrusion Detection System.ConclusionPhysical security is the protection of personnel, hardware, programs, networks, and data from physical mickle and events that could cause serious losses or damage to an enterprise, agency, or institution. Individuals have the responsibility to make sure that they protect themselves from harm. All measures have to be weighed and applied to ensure that security cannot be breached.ReferencesRobbery. (2011). Retrieved fromhttp//www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2009/offenses/violent_crime/robbery.html Morriso n, Blake. (2002) Attendants question ground security. Retrieved on January 7,2011 from http//www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2002/04/04/ground-security.htm Intrusion Detection. (2012). Retrieved on January 7, 2011From http//www.webopedia.com/DidYouKnow/Computer_Science/2005 Net Security. (2011). 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