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Investigating how business works Essay

Philip Markham Ltd is a family firm. It is traditional manufacturers of classic workforce swear and produces a wide rove of exclusive shirts and ties. It too sells a more than limited graze of tro wontrs, jackets, overcoats and sweaters. sole(prenominal) shirts and ties atomic number 18 construct in the factory in Marlington. Other items atomic number 18 obtained by placing orders with specialist manufacturers.Philip Markham aims to manufacture and sell high tonus mens clothing at fair, competitive prices and to e actu eithery last(predicate) its customers.Objectives argon to intention high quality fabric for the shirts and customers merchantman select which style of weapon of collar they prefer, which type of sleeve fastening and level the length of the sleeve.The intravenous feeding functional beas I will be looking at ar visions and ITFinance toil pitying ResourcesResources and ITThe connection operates from a large factory, which was purchased by Philip Markh am in the 1920s. Jacks father, the great grandson of Philip Markham refurbished it in the 1970s and the offices be quite spacious and pleasant.The union first introduced computers in the 1980s. Kim Fields was positive in 1992 and the company now has a sm each(prenominal)-networked computer system. Computers ar apply for* Recording purchases and gross revenue* Preparing financial and management accounts* Recording paysheet cultivation and calculating salaries and wages from each one month* Recording orders fuck offd from direct order customers analysing these* Keeping a database of t come out ensemble personnel employed by the company* Preparing letters and memos* Sending e-mails between divisions.At the time the IT facilities were introduced it has been mean to locate them within the finance function. Finally, however, it was decided that it should be linked to Administration, as it relate all areas of the business.Marsha Webb is currently investigating how IT could help her to monitor manufacturing levels more easily.FinanceThe ten stave that whole kit and caboodle in finance are very great to the success of the companys Philip Markham. Above all they make genuine that they birth the money they are owed, they pay employee bills and you receive your salary each month. They likewise make sure that each de softenment does non spend more than it has been allocated. all(prenominal) de fall inment has a budget, which is monitored by its administrator and theatre theater director as headspring as by finance which female genital organ give up-to-date learning on the level of phthisis at any time.Finance also has the task of preparing all the accounts each year so that they comply with their heavy responsibilities to the Inland Revenue.Pete Martin, however, chthonictakes number-crunching activities on a far more regular basis. He is their management restrainer and his answerable for checking that their deed levels and sales are o n target. He advises all the directors roughly the current financial health of the company on a each week basis.Typical job titleFunction and responsibilitiesFinancial director gr receive advice to elderberry bush coachs on the overall financial indemnity of the system. Over divulgeing the company budget. In charge of all the finance function in the arranging.Financial busManaging the finance function and faculty. Advising on financial resources. nous accountantOver searching the cooking of the final accounts of the organisation.Management accountantProducing continuous financial info for management. reference work controllerAdvising on credit policies. Ensuring that money owing to company is unploughed within agreed levels.Chief cashierResponsible for the receipt, safe tutelage, banking and account statement of all cash received.Payroll administratorResponsible for overseeing the company payroll and salary/wage section.Wages clerks aid the payroll administrator in the production of salary and wage expatiate.Ledger clerksAssist the chief accountant in the recording of all financial transaction.Credit control clerksAssist the credit controller in checking the credit status of mod(a) customers and be accounts. Reminding customers of overdue payments.ProductionIn the induction programme Philip Markham show peck who visit their Production area and show them all the different operations that are carried out.The layout of the area has been invented to maximise the flow of materials when they are producing shirts, from penetrating to finishing. After shirt material has been cut it is clipped with either a blue ticket for standard shirts or a red ticket, for customised shirts. sullen ticket items are passed to the machinists who carry out all the main secure operations. Red ticket items go to a different group of machinists who also carry out the alterations mandatory. The finishers are responsible for adding all the finishing touches from t he exclusivelytons to the designate and they will also carry out any special finishing instructions tubercled on red ticketed items. tincture control is very importance at Philip Markham and each team cutters, machinists and finishers is responsible for ensuring that quality is on the buttonly at every decimal point of the process.Then the shirts and ties pass to the packing department, which is part of despatch. Shirts used to have to be folded by hand. But now this has been part mechanised and is much quicker. The shirts are boxed and labelled it is at this stage that the goods have to be linked to the correct paper work and the dispatchers examine that each box includes the correct delivery none and advise none for the haulier. Philip Markham subcontracts the delivery of its goods. This works out cut-priceer than keeping a fleet of vehicles and maintaining them. in any case parts of Production are the purchasing staff and the designers. Purchasing is responsible for obtaining the silk hat quality fabrics at the best prices and making sure all of their raw materials are delivered on time. How much to stock, what to stock and for how immense are critical decisions. They only have limited storage place and keeping too much cloth in stock is expensive so they need to maintain good relationships with reliable suppliers.Their designers are also part of the production team. They have a keen eye on way and aim to produce new designs each year. This also promoter choosing new fabrics and new designs, which will appeal to Philip Markham customers. The design team is busy all year and works at least six months ahead so that the new ranges cigarette be include in their catalogues which are produced each January (for spring and summer wear) and July (for autumn and winter). Design links very well-nigh with Sales and Marketing as we try to incorporate customer feed patronise and suggestions into their new designs.Typical job titleJob roleProducti on directorResponsible for the entire production function and its operations.Operations or whole works managerResponsible for the production of all goods as scheduled and to the quality required.Purchasing managerResponsible for the acquisition of raw materials.Chief manoeuvreResponsible for all maintenance staff and for scheduling equipment maintenance and recommending modifications.Chief designerResponsible for the design team and the design of the finished productsProduction plannersPlan all production to maximise machine use and staffing, taking account of customer requirements.Production controllersCheck production is going to schedule.Quality controllersCheck quality is to the required standard.Buyers/order clerksBuy the raw materials required for production.Stores staffStore and monitor stocks of all raw materials and components and issue these as required.DraughtsmenResponsible for the technical design of manufactured equipment.ForemenSupervise the maintenance staff and f actory operatives.Despatch clerksResponsible for the despatching the finished goods.DesignersResponsible for the actual design of the product.EngineersResponsible for carrying out equipment maintenance.Factory operativesUndertake the production and assembly of manufactured items by machine or by hand. merciful ResourcesPhilip Markham would not be successful if it did not have the commitment of its entire staff. In Human resources they focus on the needs of all the staff and try to do all they chamberpot to help to recruit the best people they can and look after them whilst they work in that respect. These are the most master(prenominal) functions of this department.Their reasoned experts are Mark butler (for employment law) and Kate Parks (for health and safety). The company operates an equal opportunities policy and aims to treat all its employees fairly and equally in all aspects relating to their employment.Administration at Philip Markham is carried within each department, but in HR/admin they coordinate central run, such as the switchboard, reception, mail room, credentials, cleanup and building maintenance and last but by no means least the staff canteen. Janet Gregory and her team run this. Janet is always keen to receive suggestions from staff and feedback on different types of snacks and meals they would like to see on the menu.IT good is also part of their function. Kim is IT services Manager and Graham, her assistance, helps by developing their range of IT applications when he is not supporting users, answering queries, solving problems and concern-shooting in popular Philip Markham sees IT as a developing and rapidly growing area because of the benefits it can bring to the company as a whole and staff operations in particular. If you will be a computer user at Philip Markham your staff train on IT will be organised by Graham and if you have any problems with your computer, the number to call is 4080.The larger the organisation is, th e more belike to have a several staff works in the Human Resources.For example Human resources director who is a senior manager in the organisation and this is more likely to be assemble at a large manufacturing organisation which employs thousands of workers.A medium company will have human resource manager who overseas a much smaller number of staff.Human resources function is to deal with the employee who works for the company.Wise organisation regard staff as the most important resource.The reason why I think human resources make their employees an important figure in their company is because their employees are well trained, keen to do their best and committed to the aims of the business.Supposed employees of one organisation are not motivated at their work indeed all the money and best equipment in the world wouldnt make that organisation successful.The A-Z of Human Resource services A flavour of what we doA. For application forms, absences and appraisalsB. Covers benefit s and bonusesC. Concerns contracts of employment, conditions of service, counselling servicesD. To discuss your development, your rights under discrimination or disability legislationE. all(prenominal) areas relating to your employment, earning, equal opportunities, eye sight tests and exit interviewsF. To talk to us just about fairness at workG. If youve grievance, perhapsH. For holiday entitlement, hours and healthI. For illness, interviews and industrial relationsJ. For job descriptions and job mete out opportunitiesK. If you want to improve your completeledge and know howL. For leave of absence, if you need itM. For maternity, medical examinations and mentorsN. For notice periods and National insurance informationO. To check on overtime and off-the-job or on-the-job instruct opportunitiesP. Perhaps for pay, pensions, probationary periods or paternity leaveQ. For qualifications and queriesR. For references, recruitment, retirement, resignations and your rights in worldwid eS. Search us out for information on salaries, sickness pay, self-certificationT. For tax, training, change over union membership, time offU. For understanding your rights, for knowing what is and is not unsportsmanlikeV. For victimisation and vocational trainingW. For welfare and wages, works council and working conditionsX. For scanty special attention when you need itY. For you a person we like to seeZ. For zappy the way we operate and zilch because nothing is too much troubleTypical job titleFunction and responsibilitiesHuman resources director decision making the overall staffing policies of the organisation. Advising senior management. Setting the HR budget. In charge of all the HR functions in the organisation.Human resources managerManaging the HR department and staff, involved with industrial relations and trade union negotiations, implementing the organisations HR policies.Recruitment ships policemanResponsible for the recruitment and selection of staff.Training/st aff development ships officerResponsible for training and staff development.Personnel/staffing officerKeeping staff records, monitoring staff welfare.Health and safety officerOverseeing all health and safety matters, accident monitoring and prevention.Security officerGeneral security, responsible for all security staff.HR administrative assistantsadministrative work relating to the human resources function.Orpington College Comparing to Philip Markham LTDManagement Structure Organisation mapAcademic year2002/2003Why have an organisation Structure?* Employees know what job to do.* Who they are responsible for.* What the responsibilities are.* To whom they are responsible.* How the employee links with different members of staff.thither is no right or wrong organisation structure, as long as it helps people to work efficiently, communicate easily and assists the business to achieve its aims and objectives.Orpington College is a flat structure organisation and plain structure does not have many layers, which means information is sent quickly with slight complication or misapprehend therefore it produces the correct result.Having a Flat structure conversation is easier clear information, understanding between each layer, therefore when decisions are made, they will be specific to advice/order instructions.It has 13 managers in the College, Chief executive, 3 levels management, duad of control between 2 and 4 and 4 top level of management in (guidance &marketing manager assistance principle, staff & Resources and Clerk to the corporation assistance principle, finance and information systems assistance principle, curriculum & Students)Philip Markham is Hierarchical structure is based on trenchant chain of commands from Managing director to sales director (according to Philip Markham). Decisions are made at the top and pass down. This kind of organisational is usually based on all the way defined procedures and roles.It has 10 managers in the company, no chief executive, managing director, 5 levels management, span of control between 2 and 4 and 4 top level of management in (financial director production director HRM/administration director and marketing and sales director.)Communications at Philip MarkhamInternal communications both Monday distress there is a meeting between Jack Markham and his directors. proceedings of this meeting are produced by Maria Forbes and sent to all staff.Each director holds a weekly team briefing with his/her staff to modify them on the latest developments in the organisation. These are unofficial, relatively short affairs, just to keep people informed.There are weekly meetings each Wednesday mourning between Production and Sales/Marketing about sales and production targets. Any problems in production that are affecting orders are also discussed.Internal communications are mainly by memo, e-mail and telephone. all senior staff has pagers as well as those who are regularly forth from their de sk or may need to be called urgently, e.g. the health, safety and security officer, the manufacturing manager and the buildings supervisor.There is a notice board in Human Resources which contains information on staff events as well as details of job vacancies which are always advertised internally as well as externally.All staff has an annual appraisal interview with their own line manager but regular discussions are also held on individual staff exertions and opportunities for staff training and development. impertinent communicationsExternal communications are mostly by letter, telephone and fax. Senior sales staffs visit important potential business customers.Existing business customers are contacted by telephone at least once a month as well as being sent promotional material. privy customers are sent routine mailshots by sales and marketing as well as new mail order catalogues, as these are produce.In an organisation with dozens of employees, it is important that each member of staff knows exactly what to do, and how this links up with work carried out by other members of staff. quite a little are therefore grouped into functional areas which relate to their job, so that people doing similar jobs work in the same area. These areas are then linked in an overall structure. In a large organisation we are likely to find more functional areas than in a small or medium-sized one. In this case we may find that there are only a few departments performing a renewal of functions.Within a functional.The advantages of Ict upon communication internal and external communication at Cadbury are* Fast (compared to other methods such as writing a letter)* Can be more accurate (easier to correct errors)* Allows people to use the information quickly and efficient* Can get access to a wide range of information easily* Easy and cheap to shop class information* Can access information where ever you are in the world (and can communicate with people where ever they are)* Of ten cheap to access* Quality of information can be betterDisadvantages* Messages can be misunderstood* Can take time to clarify misunderstanding* Chance that messages can be sent to the wrong people* People can be unfamiliar with the system* Employees may need training (costly)* Employees may feel de-motivated/ stressed by new technology* Messages can be held up due to technical problems* Lack of visual communication can hinder the quality of communication* Employees can suffer from information over loadWays to avoid some of these disadvantages are by* Training staff* Use face-to-face communication (maybe through the performance management system)* Make sure employees feel they can get to see their manager* Have technical support* Help employees, by fulfil their social needs e.g. through social club* Make sure employees are only given training that will be useful. decent Opportunities Legislation and Other Employment Law gibe opportunities has been a legal requirement since the 197 0s at Philip Markham yet a large engine room firm recently paid a substantial amount out of court because other female personnel manager was paid 10,000 less(prenominal) than a male colleague doing exactly the same job.This situation is under a Sex Discrimination bit 1975 where this act makes it illegal for anyone to be discriminated against on grounds of gender (or gender reassignment) either directly or indirectly.In a record settlement just before an ET perceive in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in April 2000, Mark Hedley agreed an estimated 300,000 compensation from his ex-employers, the cut-price grocery line of descent chain ALDI. This is the highest sum awarded to date under Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and it is understood ALDI settled to avoid damaging publicity. Mark Hedley had been prevented from returning to his 34,000 store manager job after being diagnosed HIV positive even though he was fit for work.A report from the Trades Union sexual intercourse argues that peop le of African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian ethnicity gaint get their fair share of promotions at work despite having better qualifications. According to the race issues policy officer at the TUC, black people are less likely to be turned down for a job as held back from promotion. People already in work bring most cases to tribunals not just for being turned down for promotion but also for conditions of work, lack of training and racial abuse. This situation is under The Race similarity Act 1976.This act makes it unlawful for anyone to be discriminated against on grounds of colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin.An increasing number of lawyers are offering a no-win, no-fee service to employees who think they have been unfairly dismissed (The Employment Rights Act 1996). This helps those who dont belong to a union to obtain free advice. This, confirming the fact that the maximum compensation limit an employee can expect from a tribunal has increased to 56,000, appears to be the reason for the huge rise in cases. Between July 1998 and 1999 ACAS recorded 136, 000 notifications of industrial tribunals a 30% increase on the previous year.Since 1986, harassment has been classed as an act of discrimination. It is not only the employee who harasses who is shamefaced but also the employer if nothing has been done to take reasonable step to stop it. Firms must make it clear that harassment amounts to gross misconduct.The Equal Opportunities Commission received 700 complaints about harassment in 1999. Some cases are settled out of court Dee Mazurkiewica, a former police detective, won a reported 300,000 from Thames Valley police. This was a serious case but smaller settlements from 5 to 20,000 can result from acts of belittling such as making inappropriate or sexist comments or behaving in away that another person finds sexually threatening or insulting.

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