Monday, February 18, 2019

Counseling Psychology :: Graduate Admissions Essays

Counseling Psychology When I began my studies at the University of Northern Iowa, I had an interest in the field of psychology, but I was not yet sure that I wanted to pursue a career in that area. The classes that I consequently took and the professors that taught them solidified my desire to get hold a degree in psychology. Interacting with my professors as a teachers assistant and interrogation assistant gave me a chance to discover at a to a greater extent personal level what psychology is all about. Although I am pursuance a M.A. in General Psychology at this time, I do have specific goals for my future. I hope to continue my education preceding(a) the M.A. and receive a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, counseling individuals and eventually acquiring a teaching position with a college or university. I am currently doing seek in the area of Cognitive Psychology with Dr. prick Yates, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Northern Iowa. This research is related to how people create by mental act concrete and abstract terms, but my research interests vary widely. Other research interests include sex differences in the workplace and how socialization affects stereotypic gender roles among the sexes. I have qualified for the deans list three of the last iv semesters, currently carry a 3.59 junior/senior GPA and a 3.75 GPA in my major. I also have been accepted into pounds per square inch Chi and belong to the Psychology Club on campus. I yield that graduate work at the University of Somewhere will be demanding, challenging, and exciting, and I look forward to attending a program of this sort. During my time in graduate school I expect to receive the opportunity to learn, grow, and rise as a person and a psychologist.

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