Thursday, November 21, 2019

Stakeholders Perception of Sustainable Housing Strategies Research Paper

Stakeholders Perception of Sustainable Housing Strategies - Research Paper Example The study also seeks to address the issue of the rising need for housing in Qatar because of economic development in the country besides seeking to advice stakeholders on the appropriate directions to take in providing sustainable housing for the present and future generations. This is because the changing lifestyles call for changing housing systems and hence the need for using materials that are environmental friendly during construction, occupancy, maintenance, and demolitions. Introduction The study seeks to develop a structural framework that can be used in future constructions for eco-friendly housing facilities in the country. This is because the increasing environmental consciousness in the society requires environmentally favorable structures whose applications are also eco-friendly. Environmental sustainability is currently considered as an environmental challenge and a global issue. Sustainable housing can achieve a better environment by reducing the amount of energy consu mption towards a better living environment. This scope identifies achievement of sustainable housing design with the success of both the environment and the residents. It promotes achievement of human comfort through improving ventilation and natural lighting techniques. Sustainable housing is at the same time related to sustainability of building materials and energy use to reduce the impact of housing on the environment. This paper identifies the stakeholder’s perceptions and attitude that influence sustainable housing design in Qatar. This study focuses on increasing awareness of stakeholders toward sustainable housing design by incorporating new technologies, in order to change the unsustainable designs and practices of building. The aim of the study is to recognize stakeholders’ perceptions through the difference and similarities as will be achieve through some questionnaire surveys, interviews, and case studies with different stakeholders. The study will investig ate the strategy of decisions by utilizing the improvement of sustainable housing (Zhengyu and Jay, 2009). Problem statement The existing need for better constructions towards environmental conservation and preservation in the housing sector has not been met because of prevalent application of ancient architectural practices in constructions. Conservative applications in housing constructions have not considered the dynamic environment that has significantly deteriorated to require housing structures that are more sensitive to the environment. The study therefore seeks to develop a framework for bridging the gap between environmental needs and architectural practices in order to upgrade the housing sector to meet environmental needs. The study explores stakeholders’ perceptions over sustainable housing strategies in Qatar and is significant to the society because of its potential to develop a framework for an eco-friendly industry. This will set an example for other industrie s to emulate towards a favorable environment for better living standards. Its significance also extends to the role of a moral agent as it has the potential of promoting social responsibility among investors in the housing industry and the morality can spread to other construction, manufacturing, and processing.

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