Friday, November 1, 2019

Collection Plan for the scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Collection Plan for the scenario - Essay Example Organizing the data collected and managing it for consumption entails the whole intelligence process. In the present situation, the information provided below aims at aiding the officers develops intelligence and information useful in dealing with the situation and identifying any threats that may arise from the sale of the item to either the terrorists or any other group of individuals. The information is developed and provided to the different operational teams for positively consumption to combat the situation. In addition, ensure that the resulting effect is not of any effect of negative nature to the respective country they represent or the international community. The reaction to the data collected bases on the different validation aspects that the data satisfies. The study detailed below discusses the multi-INT collection plan against the different targets in the scenario. The collection scenario will aim at gathering all the necessary data about the scenario in the case provided. The collection will have specific targets based on the relevance of the data that the team is in position to collect from these targets. The different targets that the intelligence teams aim at gathering the information on include the counterterrorism effort, the effort to combat the narcotics business and counter proliferation. For effective collection of the data for this scenario, there is need to have a well-trained resourceful team with a number of members that understand the common language in the areas that these threats are standing. These will provide the aid in translating the different information and obtaining information from the field that is necessary to add to the current intelligence knowledge available. These provide the specific targets that the INT group needs to focus on. The group will obtain more information on the scenarios provided and obtain even more information that may provide a different opinion. For

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