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Dream Deferred - 1590 Words

Analysis of a Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes This poem by Langston Hughes is a very complicated. In it the speaker paints a picture of what might happen to someone’s dream if it is postponed too long. This idea is the overall theme of the poem and it is what unifies and connects each line to the poem as a whole. There are also indirect references that this is not only the dream of an individual, but an entire race’s struggle to achieve peace and liberation. This poem consists of a series of answers to the question, â€Å"What happens to a dream deferred?† All of the lines following this first question are presented as different similes. The first line of this poem is the most crucial because it develops and sets the direction†¦show more content†¦The idea that a dream has the potential to become rotten is an interesting concept. The dream could begin to rot in the person’s mind or heart, which would cause them to become sick. This line could also be an indirect reference to the lynchi ng that occurred during the speaker’s era. It could be referring to the rancid smell of the dangling lifeless bodies. This reinforces the idea that the speaker is talking about the struggle of an entire race and how important it is to rise up as a group to accomplish your dreams because if anything is left alone too long it will eventually begin to decay. At this point the poem begins to talk about the lighter, but still negative effects of not completing a dream. The speaker implies that if the dream does not begin to rot it could â€Å"crust and sugar over- / Like a syrupy sweet.† This line compares not accomplishing a dream or goal to a sugary substance. If either of these is exposed for too long it would begin to form a rigid and stale crust along the surface. This hard crust would make the substance more difficult to use and could make the dream more difficult to achieve. A dream that is hard and separated is much harder to achieve, and this could lead to f eelings of depression. These feelings would make the dream appear more complex and create a bigger struggle for the person to obtain their goals. The other image thisShow MoreRelatedA Deferred Dream Essay1506 Words   |  7 Pagesof their own and hoped to achieve these dreams. However, they have had to put off their dreams because of the struggle of life for them. This left no exception to the Younger family, but Beneatha Younger was an exception. She was on her way to becoming a doctor which was her lifelong dream. By the end of the play, Beneatha learned about real risk and work and accepted it therefore achieving her dream. She was born poor and in a struggling family. Her dreams were always very demanding and almost impossibleRead MoreEssay on Dream Deferred in A Raisin in the Sun1050 Words   |  5 PagesWhat Happens to a Dream Deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? (Langston Hughes). It is important to never lose sight of one’s dream. Dreams are what keep people moving in life, but if they are ignored, they may morph and lose their prevailing form. This is evident in Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, as Walter’s, Beneatha’s, and Mama’s dreams become delayed, distorted, and blurred. Walter has long dreamed of making his family’sRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Dream Deferred 878 Words   |  4 Pages Pursuing Dreams The overall meaning of this poem is about the consequences of not pursuing your dreams. For some this can be a horrible thing while for others, it can be a blessing in disguise. The poem begins with a simple question, â€Å"What happens to a dream deferred† (line 1)? What occurs when an individual goes in another direction from a goal or ambition they had once desired? Does it cause a weight to be lifted? Does it cause fear and anxiety? This poem focusing on the consequences or benefitsRead MoreDream Deferred1062 Words   |  5 Pagesthat your company has two choices, one is to be a successful startup will or could potentially land in the history books. Secondly, it could be an absolute failure, it may very well land in the history books but more so due to its notoriety. In a Dream Deferred, Monique Maddy gives a glimpse on her experiences and lessons from launching a technology company in an emerging market. Monique is very candid and perhaps still a bit resentful in seeing how her company was doomed by inexperience, bureaucracyRead MoreHarlem: a Dream Deferred1043 Words   |  5 PagesHarlem: A Dream Deferred Langston Hughes Literally Analysis Dreams are aspirations that we hope to reach on our lifetime. They are the day that gives us the drive to live our lives and accomplish our goals. When reaching our goals, we will do anything to get to our destination. But what happens when your dreams deferred and put on hold due to unseen circumstances? Or what do you so when someone tells you that you can not so the things you want to so because of the pigmentation of your skinRead MoreHoop Dreams : Dream Deferred2370 Words   |  10 PagesHoop Dreams: Dream Deferred The documentary, â€Å"Hoop Dreams† depicts the structural, psychological, and environmental issues that perpetuates poverty in America through a cohort of individuals, Arthur Agee and William Gates. Agee and Gates’s lives are chronicled through a longintudinal study of four years, from the summer they enter high school, to their entry into college. Both African-American teenagers are recruited from different parts of Chicago, but they came together to begin their freshmanRead MoreDreams In Dreams And Dreams Deferred By Langston Hughes915 Words   |  4 Pagessorts out a multitude of analogies and diction to draw in the audience to better understand his perspective of dreams. When the poet begins the poems, â€Å"Dreams† and â€Å"Dreams Deferred,† he speaks of an emptiness and an ageing of dreams. Hughes’ allusions in repetition, strands, binary opposites, and anomalies can represent his overall portrayal of a life without dreams is unstable and that dreams become the person, making it impossible to run from. The pattern of â€Å"life is† and â€Å"does it† appears to be aRead MoreIs Integration A Dream Deferred?996 Words   |  4 Pages Another source of inequality comes from student-teacher relations directly. Thandeka K. Chapman in â€Å"Is Integration a Dream Deferred?† argues that within suburban mixed-race (however, still majority white) schools, there is a significant difference between the behavior and treatment of minority students versus that of white students within the same school (314). To examine this more thoroughly, a research team interviewed students regarding their experience, and reported the results. Since teacherRead MoreHarlem A Dream Deferred Analysis762 Words   |  4 Pagesbecomes their dream, but people do not always fulfill these dreams. There are obstacles that come in the way of people being able to fulfill their dreams. In â€Å"Harlem [A Dream Deferred]† Langston Hughes uses imagery and rhetorical questions in order to demonstr ate what happens to a dream. The theme that appears through Langston Hughes poem is the theme of not pursuing a dream. Through Hughes poem, this theme is demonstrated and the imagery helps in conveying the idea of having a dream postponed. Read MoreA Dream Deferred - a Literary Comparison1878 Words   |  8 PagesThe Dream Deferred – A Comparison Kristy Andrews Axia College of University of Phoenix In Lorraine Hansberrys play A Raisin in the Sun, the author reveals a hard-working, honest African-American family struggling to make their dreams come true. Langston Hughes poem, Harlem, illustrates what could happen if those dreams never came to fruition. Together, both Hansberry and Hughes show the effects on human beings when a long-awaited dream is thwarted by economic and social hardships. Each of

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